Oh God Beautiful ❤️

“…..It is beauty I love……In love and with love I seek the Maker of the beautiful”

Swami Paramananda


Never have I seen you

Nor have I heard your sound

How could I have touched you or smelled you

When you are not around….


Yet, when enticed by its beauty..

Intently I observe a face..

See in her eyes oceans deep

Or a beatific smile lingering on some face,

I feel sure it is Your Presence I am in….

At times I happen to hear a laugh,

Bewitched by its mirth…

the call of the azaan piercing the skies…

a vibrant taan during a musical night …

the twittering of a bird calling her mate….

All these surely are variants of your sound…

An ethereal fragrance awakening the senses,

Coming from nearby shrubs…

Or fragrance coming from some place

Sacred to some …

Makes me feel Your presence around …

At times a touch, a caress, a hug ..

Soft breeze brushing my face …

Making my heart take a leap …

Myself feeling it to be your grace..

Dawning on my blessed face….

Seeing A beautiful sun arise …

And setting again in its glory divine …

The blue sky, the grey sky….

a sky silver lined …

Fill my soul with bliss divine …


Oh God! What proof do I really need

That You are here, there, everywhere,

Pervading my whole being,

My thoughts, my imagination,

My senses and my speech…

And I keep living in gratitude deep ….

Oh God beautiful at Thy feet oh I do bow ….

16 thoughts on “Oh God Beautiful ❤️

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  1. What a glorious poem & photos, Ashok; I hope you received the comment I left on your blog! There are now 4 sydney devotees already who are wanting to attend Sharad Sangam this year 🙂 Have any dates been released as yet?!

  2. My God!!! Just says it all…Oh God beautiful..oh God loveful…oh God merciful…O my God…for Thou I live.

  3. Dear Sir,
    I have no words to express my feelings on how you are connecting us to GOD through colours of nature.

    I did’t knew this side of your.
    I remember you as a professional person ( at ICIM days) with human touch in your each action and caring for every one.

    Will love to meet in person soon

    Rajesh Dubbewar

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