Love in Los Angeles ❤️

My trip around the world started from my landing in LA on the 21st of December 2018. Around the World with Love

Well begun is half done ❤️😊❤️

I had come to LA last in August 2014 to attend the SRF World Convocation. At that time I had stayed in our Encinitas Retreat. Simply divine❤️ and during the Convocation had visited our Mother Center and Lake Shrine retreat. Had promised myself at that time to come and spend more time in both these places again💕

I had booked myself in the same hotel in down town LA, where I had stayed 4 years back – Biltmore Millennium; but at the last moment decided to stay with fellow devotees. And am so glad and so blessed that I did so. They not only opened their doors to me but their hearts as well ❤️👏

It was like being home. Being loved and cared. Thank you so much Joanna and Dallas; Donna, John, Mel and Padmini for all the love and understanding👏🤗❤️

Joanna and Dallas and their two beautiful sons had gone to their family in San Diego for Christmas and I was alone at their home. Had a beautiful walk in the morning and got a little taste of the fall colours too🍂🍁❤️🙏 Reached home and pulled a back muscle as I sat down to untie my shoes😝

Just imagine – the beginning of my long trip around the world and the very first day I pull a back muscle and am far far away from home and home alone 😝 And this was the beginning of the love and care I got all through the trip. Can’t thank God enough🙏🙏 Because it is His love only which comes through His children❤️🙏

I called up Pallavi, my life line in the US, and Joanna. Joanna is so organised – she told me the exact spot where the balm was lying in the house😎 And Pallavi ordered some medicine and hot and icy packs for me for delivery within two hours. Love you so much Pallavi. And I was up and about in no time. I think it was Love that healed me faster than the medication 😊❤️😊

Mother Center is divinely beautiful and serene ❤️❤️ Guruji (Paramahansa Yogananda) had said that he has left behind maximum holy vibrations at Mother Center in LA and YSS Ranchi Ashram and that is so true. One doesn’t want to come out of this place. Pure bliss❤️ Went there every day that I was in LA.

One day when I took an Uber to go to the Mothe Center I started to talk to the driver. I was amazed how well read and aware he was. We talked about how our thoughts create our reality and that outside world is a reflection of what is inside us😇 And I told him about Guruji and his teachings and the SRF International Head Quarters at the Mother Center. When we reached there he parked his cab, came inside with me and took the introductory literature to start with the Home Study lessons 😊🙏

And he hugged me and thanked me and said he didn’t know such a divine place existed in LA ❤️❤️

God is Love🙏❤️🙏

Guruji is Love ❤️🙏❤️

Love is all there is ❤️❤️❤️

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  1. Namaste Mamu, u expressed ur feeling so well in ur writing worth reading I must say… We must learn this art of expressing n smiling from u Mamu🤗….LOVE U❤

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