Christmas in Los Angeles ❤️

It was such a pleasant surprise to be invited for the Christmas Eve pot luck dinner at SRF Hollywood Temple. Vegetarian and delightful meal cooked and served with so much love by fellow devotees😋

Christmas carols and quiz and songs and fellowship…. Spirit of Christ was there all around ❤️🙏…. how blessed can one get🙏Thank you Mel for the invite. And thank you for taking me out to see the Christmas lights in the city.

Love in Los Angeles ❤️

And a blessed start to the Christmas Day with meditation at Hollywood Temple. Which was followed by a surprise and unplanned visit to the Universal Studios. Deepak, my nephew who lives in New York, and his family had come to visit the city and meet me and celebrate Puneeta’s (his wife) birthday 🎂 🎊🎉💃🏻

It was good to see them all after 4 years. Had such a welcome and exciting stay with them 4 years back.

The child in me loved Harry Potter and other 3D shows and rides. Thank you Deepak and Puneeta for taking out time to meet me and inviting to the Studio.

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  1. When you are in love with the Universe, the life becomes a series of celebrations. It’s so apparent after seeing your narrative. Enjoyed. Thanks. Surjit

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