Love in Guatemala ❤️ – 1

I had talked briefly of Blanca and Claudia in one of my first blogs :

Around the World with Love

And now I was on my way to be with them – new country, new people…. bonded only by love 💕. There was lot of excitement in the heart and a bit of nerves/fear too of the unknown. But curiosity and enthusiasm were stronger than the fear and – love always wins 😊❤️

I had only one point agenda – To give love and share my experiences. But it is amazing – how when we expect nothing we get much more – got so much love and care back ❤️🙏 – just like I got in LA, SRF ❤️❤️

LA and Guatemala — poles apart 😇

I was received by Blanca, Clau and Pepè (Blanca’s husband) It seems Blanca was more nervous – have I taken care of everything? Will uncle be comfortable? How will Pepè respond to uncle and so on… But once we had met and hugged all the tension was gone😊🤗

Staying in hotels and visiting tourist attractions is not half as much fun as living with families and sharing lives. Blanca and Pepè have a one bedroom apartment in downtown Guatemala. The bedroom and the living room were big with a good terrace. You could see Blanca, the architect’s touch all over the house 😊 Both, Blanca and Clau are architects!! I was given the bedroom with new white linen 👏👏 and Blanca and Pepè had moved to the living room. I was so touched🤗🙏

I had bad throat and Blanca assured that I had herbs and hot water gargles and honey and hot water and what not🤗 Knowing that I am a fruitarian the fridge was filled with fruits😊❤️. We had traveled all over the country and Pepè would always carry my bags👏🤗

Proved once again-

Love is all there is 💕- God is Love

Gautemala is so much like India in so many ways. Shall keep sharing my stories in the days to come. But for the language and the looks I could as well be in Delhi😇. Just replace temples with churches. Where Blanca lives is like Old Delhi and where Clau lives is quite like New Delhi😊

Next day : Walked around downtown — window shopping, an organic drink made of 40 year old recipe in a classy small cafe with walls lined with paintings; lunch with live Marimba; later coffee in a roof top café; Pepè’s father too had joined us. Could see whole of the city and the side of the city where Clau lives from the café; all in one day💃🏻

Love you my bonita sobrinas 🤗😘

Good beginning. Taste of days to come

40 thoughts on “Love in Guatemala ❤️ – 1

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  1. It is interesting to know that at the core we are all similar, whichever part of the world we are placed! I enjoy seeing the beautiful pictures you click and reading about your experiences while traveling, especially with the people you meet!

  2. We all like to be in our comfort zone and are scared to venture out as we feel unsure of people ‘s reaction
    Thanks for sharing your experiences and highlighting how people respond to love in a very positive manner

  3. Tio we had an amazing time! Guatemala will always be your home we love you and miss you, thank you for all your love, kind words, books and meditation tips ❤

  4. Thank you for all the wisdom you shared with us! We miss you in body but we are connected in soul ♥️🙏🏼☀️ Love you

  5. Beautiful captured your travel experience and with love, was as if travelling with you.. great going sir…

  6. Amazingly written the beautiful experiences you had… it felt like I was travelling along with you to a new country.. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  7. It’s so fascinating to see that love is the binding factor irrespective of country, caste or religion… keep on sharing your inspiring beautiful experiences Ashokji

  8. Very nice blog Wahi sir. Exploring
    new places, people, full of love everywhere. Wow….
    Njoy. And keep writing..
    Three Cheers..

  9. With heart filled with love and openness we are welcome every where to find same love and acceptance. We all are children of very loving father….

  10. Love has absolutely NO barriers – NONE whatsoever – from the little that i know about Ashokji, i can only say that love will give him everything and take him everywhere!! 🙂

  11. Excellent exploration of a new country & ppl … love is the true binding factor at all . Thanks

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