Love on the Roads😊❤️ – Guatemala-4

After attending the awesome wedding on the 29th night Love 💖 Marriage – Guatemala-2 we drove down early morning next day to Rio Dulce, 200 odd kms NE of Guatemala City.

Much more of India on the way 😊, mostly well paved high way and sensible driving and then patches of bad roads and a bit of lane cutting 😝. Fresh coconuts and other fruits on sale on the way and familiar road side restaurants; and to be able to get Raaj Maa and Roti (Black Beans (Frijol) and Tortillas) 27,000 kms away from home was – As good as it gets 😂❤️

Such a pleasant surprise to see this dog lover in mid of nowhere 😊❤️

Loved this lady, with a beautiful smile😍 (could have been a mother or grand mother in India), selling peanuts and homemade local popular bread. Stopped on the way back, a week later, again to be able to buy something from her🤗❤️

10 thoughts on “Love on the Roads😊❤️ – Guatemala-4

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  1. Excellent narration of day to day journey Sir. While reading i felt that I myself was present there travelling across the scenic beauty and divine nature.
    Literally marvellous.. 👍

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