RIÓ DULCÉ – Love in Guatemala-5❤️

RIÓ Dulcè means sweet river and how beautiful the whole experience was❤️❤️

The one hour motor boat ride from our resort to Livingston was simply divine. The river is 28kms long and merges into the Caribbean Sea. It is so wide at places and such big waves that it feels more like a sea 🌊😇

Cool and fresh breeze, lots of water, greenery all around – Oh God Beautiful❤️🙏 For me wind is Guru and Nature is God – the long motor boat ride after ages was God sent🙏

No pic can do this experience any justice

There were so many pelicans (white, blue and grey), multicoloured water lilies, a hot water sulphur spring, dozens of gas stations (Petrol Pumps) and Resorts all along the motor boat ride from the resort to Livingston. And one more than 4 centuries old castle 🏰

To top it all – lively and joyous set of young companions 😊💃🏻 What a day ❤️

Stayed at the same resort on our way back too and could catch the sunrise 🌅

16 thoughts on “RIÓ DULCÉ – Love in Guatemala-5❤️

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  1. Awesome… awesome… just awesome…. Beautttttiful pics…wonderful narration…

  2. What I meant was that pictures can’t describe or show what I experienced- divinity ❤️🙏
    Thank you so much for your encouraging words my friend

  3. Beautiful pictures Ashok😍 and equally nice narrative! Thanks for introducing Guatemala to many ! It sure is on my bucket list 💕

  4. Another set of amazing clicks! Can’t imagine the beauty of this place if you say pictures not just to it😊
    And so well described – wind is Guru and Nature is God 🙏🙏

  5. Wow! Only Love can induce so lovely pictures and feelings. And God has blessed you with plenty of it which reflects amply in whatever you do, speak or write!!! 🧡💓🌹

  6. What amazing shots!! One of the most picturesque places i have ever seen!! Beautiful!! 🙂

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