Ruhaniyat 2019 – Pune, India ❤️

Music is a quality of the soul

Of the heart

Music is love

It has no boundaries

My second experience at Ruhaniyat was as divine as the first one last year.

An awesome night. Thank you Monideepa👏

Buddhist monks from Tibet

Sopanam playing duo from Kerala

Nandesh and troupe from our very own Maharashtra

Mangarias (Kachra Khan and others )

Siberian duo on Violin and Guitar

Dancing Gypsies from Egypt

Qadri brothers qawali

And the jugalbsndees and group performances — one better than the other ❤️🙏

The setting in Empress garden is so divine – pleasant evening, rustling of leaves, open sky and a crescent moon .. music and dance and ambience to touch our very soul

5 thoughts on “Ruhaniyat 2019 – Pune, India ❤️

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  1. Delighted to read about your Ruhani experience through music. As it comes from heart, Music spreads love without any boundaries – geographical, race, colour or whether human species, animal or even plants.

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