Picture Perfect – Flores – Guatemala – 6

After spending a few amazing days and the new year eve at Rio Dulce RIÓ DULCÉ – Love in Guatemala-5❤️ drove down to Flores. Most of the ride was through very picturesque country side, with hills and fields and sea green trees. Flores, in the Paten district(department) is a small and beautiful island in a big lake, Petén Itza (32 km long and 5 km wide) Peaceful! Colourful houses and cobbled, narrow streets. Hotels and restaurants all around the lake.

Picture perfect – the small little island ❤️❤️ The pictures we took look like paintings 😊❤️

The Airbnb place we had booked was closed Blanca was desperately trying to contact but the owner was not responding😝

He has His ways🙏 I enjoyed the situation and the whole process but Blanca wasn’t so pleased😝 She had paid for the place and had talked to the owner twice before we came in. My being in the Now and being anchored in the Principle of Uncertainty always helps😊

We checked into an expensive place and had good dinner and a beautiful morning the following day.

Walked by the lake side and meditated on the hotel terrace. Filling breakfast; avocados and tomatoes on toast with Ceylon ☕️😊

We could walk around the entire island in 20 minutes 😊

16 thoughts on “Picture Perfect – Flores – Guatemala – 6

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  1. Pictures are just like paintings…Thanks for sharing your positivity and experiences with us

  2. Again beautiful pictures and a positive attitude towards uncertainty! A lesson to emulate! Thanks for sharing 🙏💕

  3. Beautiful Pictures as usual Uncle.. It feels like we are also travelling the world with U… Keep sharing 🙏

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