Flores in my palm😊Guatemala-7❤️

Next day we went by ferry, along with our car, to another small island near Flores – El Chechenal; I was told the Spanish first landed here about 5 centuries ago. It is a protected place with a good beach and beautiful views of sunset and the island of Flores😊❤️

Picture Perfect – Flores – Guatemala – 6

The day started with our watching a glorious sunrise and ended with an equally divine sunset ❤️❤️

We were accompanied by a friend of Blanca, Evelyn; who is from this part of the country and gave us lots of insights and history of the place👏

My young friends enjoyed swimming and I was happy seeing them happy 😊 and I absorbed the beauty and the peace of the place❤️❤️

I was told that the place from where I took pictures of Flores and the sunset was the very place where Mayans used to have their sacred ceremonies/meetings ❤️🙏

A day well spent – sun and water and waves, love and laughter ❤️😊❤️; sacred past and beautiful present 🙏❤️🙏

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  1. Beautiful pics……u’ve become a great photographer, enjoying and sharing happiness. Great! Keep it up Ashok.

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