The end – Guatemala 8❤️

Well it was not the end of my beautiful trip but a small village called El Remate at the Eastern end of lake Petèn Itza 😂😂 El Remate means The End😊 – end of the Lake, and we reached here at night after about 25 kms ride from Flores. Idea was to park ourselves here and visit Tikal, the world heritage national park and Mayan ruins site.

Blanca and Pepè had stayed at this place earlier too (Eco friendly); forget me – even they weren’t prepared for a single room, without attached bath for the 4 of us 😝😂 It still turned out to be huge learning, acceptance, fun, love experience ❤️❤️

The hut on the right with thatched roof is the WC and the one on the left, without a roof is the shower😊 The rope at the entrance indicates someone is using it😇

Clau enjoying the hammock 💃🏻

At opposite end of the world; more than 27,000 kms away from home/India and far away even from Guatemala City (530 kms NE) – when we entered the open air dining space; an Aum chant was playing – classical Indian, and the menu had Indian curry, lassi and chai ☕️ ❤️

I had to get up at about 2 at night to go to the toilet; tiptoed out of the room and was greeted by an amazing site – sky literally filled with stars, bright and shining and big; the kind of sky I had seen only once earlier – Leh, India in 2013. Oh God Beautiful ❤️❤️

While peeing I was thinking I will come back with my mobile to take pics of the amazing sky. But just at that time I started to hear some strange animal sounds and was a little scared – we were staying in wilderness. So I didn’t come out again and came to know next morning that it was only monkeys 🐒 😝

I had got up rather early in the morning and it was still pretty dark. I decided to sit on a bench outside to meditate. After a while a heard some movement and was a little concerned. After a few more minutes it became louder and I realised someone was sleeping in a sleeping bag a few yards away 😇. Found out later that it was a young girl who had driven down at night on a motorcycle 🏍

I had mentioned in an earlier post Love in Los Angeles ❤️ about my Guru – Paramahansa Yogananda. In fact my trip to Guatemala had happened through this connection of Guruji Around the World with Love

Since last few years I have been reading The Autobiography of a Yogi, with many others around the world. We would start the book on the 18th of Nov and read one chapter a day. As it has 49 chapters it would end on Guruji’s birthday on the 5th of January. SRF YSS

Just imagine my elation and happiness that I read the last chapter of The Autobiography of a Yogi at El Remate – The End❤️🙏 I had goose pimples that day and even now; thinking of this amazing coincidence or His grace😇

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  1. God and Gurus have myriad ways to let you know that He is always there. Beautiful pictures and narration Ashok!

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