Tikal National Park – Guatemala ❤️9

Tikal was discovered in 1848, exactly hundred years before I was born and was opened to public in 1955, the year my wife was born😊❤️

And it was recognised as a site of ‘Humanity’s Heritage’ by UNESCO in 1979. The Mayan culture dates from 800 BC till 900 AD and the nucleus of the city was about 65 square kms.

Acres and acres of trees and forests all around and many Mayan structures of 7-8th century.





Temples and city plazas to palaces and burial sites — lush green landscapes; a great place to contemplate and to meditate.

Maybe in our next visit we shall stay at Tikal and explore the place more.

I had just read the last chapter of the Autobiography of a Yogi and Guruji had mentioned Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh – Trinity; and here I was at Tikal and this temple top looked so much like the Trinity. God has His ways we know nothing about yogananda.org yssofindia.org

The end – Guatemala 8❤️

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