many Wives many Masters😎 – Guatemala 11❤️

… second husband or my third wife or my sister from my fathers first wife and so on ….wasn’t an uncommon comment that I heard in Guatemala….

And I have been wondering why? Our parents were poles apart and yet they lived together for 71 years 😊❤️🙏 We are six siblings – and we have had our challenges…. but none of us separated or remarried …Two of us are married for more than 50 years 🙏 Thank God 🙏🙏

So many things in Guatemala had reminded me of India; there are so many similarities- why this big difference? In India too things have been changing. Market led economy, more money and at the same time more pressures of work; big Hollywood and Bollywood influence 😝 ….resulting in more divorcees than there used to be. There are remarriages, though rare. But in Guatemala this malady and incidence is much more pronounced. Why?

There could be multiple factors leading to this unhappy and unnatural situation. But I think the two most important ones are:

First–Longevity is rather low in the country. Could be life style related. Unhealthy diet and lack of focus on personal fineness. Lives aren’t so balanced. And when the spouse dies young there is more likelihood of remarriage.

Second and perhaps more important–lack of spirituality in daily life. Mayans were supposed to be a very spiritually advanced culture but that is missing today. Many do go to churches regularly but that isn’t being spiritual. And this lack of emphasis on spiritual aspects of life leads to imbalance; which is not conducive to a happy and fulfilling married life. God has to be a part of our day to day lives. There is a saying : When people pray together, they stay together😊🙏

I know ; There are no hard and fast rules in life and no cut and dried fixes for unhappy lives. Every person, every culture is so unique. But I do believe all relationships need working and the toughest one is — to manage, to understand and to love your life partner 😎

We need to give and take, adjust, accommodate, be tolerant, have patience and what not 😊 But at the same time we need self respect, self esteem and can’t become a door mat. Once we have done our best, and consistently and it is still not working…..we need to look at other options. I know of many women in India who have tolerated physical and mental abuse for years. And that too doesn’t sound right. We need wisdom. We need to know when – enough is enough! And wisdom comes in living the life 😇

Meditation – Single cure for all human suffering 😊🙏 SRF YSS

I sincerely hope and pray that the consciousness changes are fast and widespread and that the people in this beautiful country of Eternal Spring, Guatemala, lead happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives ❤️❤️

Aum Amen Peace🙏🙏

11 thoughts on “many Wives many Masters😎 – Guatemala 11❤️

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  1. Great message and lovely words with your concern with the culture here and all the things happing thank you

  2. So apt Uncle … those who pray together stay together … meditating is the only answer… totally agree with you

  3. Great message beautifully told..bring God into your life through meditation and ALL will be well! 🙂

  4. Love this uncle, so much loving wisdom in your words, thank you very much for your hopes and wishes for Guatemala ❤

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