The Mayan Ritual ❤️🙏 Guatemala 12❤️

My bonita sobrinas (beautiful nieces😍) had arranged for a Mayan ceremony/ritual for us during my stay in Guatemala. In fact Blanca has asked me much earlier if I would be comfortable with this. More than comfortable 😊 I love life and all the experiences it offers❤️

So we landed up in Iximché, Tecpan on the 10th of January, on our way to Antigua. It was the first capital of Guatemala, after the Spanish conquest. The ruins here are a National Protected Monument now and we had the privilege of performing the ceremony at the very site where Maya used to do more than four centuries ago😇🙏

In 1980, during the Guatemalan Civil War, a meeting took place at the ruins between guerillas and Maya leaders that resulted in the guerillas stating that they would defend indigenous right. A ritual was carried out at the site in 1989 in order to reestablish the ruins as a sacred place for Maya ceremonies.

Beautiful day – cold and drizzling to begin with but breezy and sunny later. Very big calm and quiet place – filled with trees, large grounds and ruins; blue, grey and white sky and clouds with hills in the background. As good as it gets ❤️🙏

The ceremony, more like our Indian Havan, but with many more things – like candles, lamps and herbs, seeds etc, lasted a little more than 2 hours. A local priestess did it for us. 20 spirits in the body were invoked, and so were ancestors. There were prayers and rituals for health and abundance and peace for us and the universe at large. There were rituals for cleansing the body. And different coloured candles were offered in the holy fire for different elements and nature – white for Wind, different shades of blue for water and sky and black for sunset and red for sunrise etc.

The lady who had done the ritual for us had an old Maya book/almanac, which is used to know our life path number and our nature; based on our date of birth. My number turned out to be 5 and am a Jaguar 🐆 😊, a guardian of nature and close to nature 😊❤️

So true. I love nature. For me Nature is God 🙏

After the ceremony we meditated together for a while and the priestess joined us too. All of us felt the peace and the elevated consciousness.

Ajaw is the name for God used in the ceremony 🙏🙏

Love is all there is ❤️❤️

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  1. Loved it that was a great experience thank you for taking the time to write and remember those beatiful moments.

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