Love at first sight ❤️😍Guatemala 13❤️

Antigua- Small, touristy city with cobbled streets and single story houses – old world charm 😊 Much more cosmopolitan than Guatemala City. Loved it at first sight 😊❤️😍

City in the embrace of the volcano 🌋

Lively streets with locals, tourists, vendors, churches, eateries – (many vegan and Indian names 😊)

A fine dining place attracts fine puppies too 😊😍

Rare to see Blanca in a pensive mood🤔🤗

Loved walking around, eating, meditating in beautiful churches; in this beautiful, slow paced city, surrounded by volcanoes.

We were waiting on the roadside for our lunch call and this gracious lady invited us inside her house to sit and wait ❤️
This lady was painting with the brush in her 👄 😍🙏

Love in Guatemala ❤️ – 1

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