Four Generations ❤️ – Guatemala 14❤️

Blanca’s sister – Italia😊, Blanca’s mother – America 😊😊 and grandma- Armenia 😊😊😊live in Antigua. And Italia has a heavenly baby – Isabela😍 It was such a beautiful and fulfilling sight to meet them together – Four Generations ❤️❤️

And I was thinking Blanca needs to be renamed😂 — Armenia, America, Italia and Indiana 😊 I had met Blanca first in India and Indiana would suit her perfectly 😊❤️

America and Armenia live in the city while Italia, her husband Juan Pablo live in a farm house a little outside the city. We had stayed there only. Beautiful place – open and green. And it was such a pleasure meeting Italia, Pablo and the baby divine, Isa❤️

Traveled in a public bus to the city and Blanca kept warning me to take care of my mobile 😝

Had tea with America and later she took me to a couple of churches nearby. Love needs no language 😊❤️

Mother and daughter 😍❤️

Juan Pablo is a good painter and one of the more conscious and aware persons I met in Guatemala.

Love at first sight ❤️😍Guatemala 12❤️

Love in Guatemala ❤️ – 1

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