Love and Good Bye – Guatemala 15❤️

All is well that ends well … the whole trip was so enriching (thank you so much Blanca and Clau- I love you both so much) and the end was even more divine ❤️🙏

Around the World with Love

All of us went together for Sunday morning group meditation at SRF center in Guatemala.

My trip had started from LA, where Guruji had established our Mother Center, and Guatemala leg of the trip ended with meditation in the center here and meeting a beautiful, God loving couple(Francis and Sheny) 😊🤗

Love in Los Angeles ❤️

Good thing with Self Realisation Fellowship and Yogoda Satsanga Society of India is that we have centres all over the world. We can attend group meditations and meet other divine souls😊❤️ It doesn’t look we are in a foreign land.

Not only my young friends joined me that Sunday, they have been going regularly for meditations. I have no doubt their lives will change for better. If I had done nothing else in the trip, this was a big enough reward. But I got so much more. When we expect nothing and give unconditionally we get so much more. There is no end to His grace 🙏🙏

We had breakfast together at an Organic Café (Thank you Francis for your hospitality) and heard beautiful tales of the SRF center and an amazing story of Love and Marriage of their daughter 💕🙏

And later exciting Sushi lunch and visit to a beautiful park; and we had child like fun 😊.

Nothing lasts….

Bye bye and thank you Guatemala ❤️🙏❤️ God willing I shall be back again 😊🙏

17 thoughts on “Love and Good Bye – Guatemala 15❤️

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  1. Amen to that Tangie. God willing we shall be back to traveling next year 🙏

    All the best for your retirement plans 😊🌹🤗

  2. Yup. Nothing lasts … thank you for visiting the blog. My son had forced me into it after my trip around the world 😊

  3. Another one of my favorites is along the same lines is “Bad news is everything is temporary, and good news is everything is temporary”

  4. Lovely… ❤️❤️❤️ Loved So many quotes from this one but the best one was the last one – Nothing lasts 😊

  5. Great narration of a country that I have only read about in school days – you have kindled up a desire to travel to this beautiful place. Only string that connects people across lands is Love and you just spread that, uncle. Kudos!!

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