The Trail and The Sea – Brisbane 2❤️

Mount Coot tha is a beautiful place – great view of the city of Brisbane and the opportunity of trekking; we took the Aboriginal Trail and loved it. The Sky and The Trail – Nature rejuvenates ❤️🙏 And we continued to combine : walking, buses, metro and cabs😊

And the next day to the sea – Gold Coast by train and the tram 🚃 😊 What fun at Surfers Paradise 😂😇 I lost my specs 😝

I wasn’t intending to go much into the water, just wanted to wet my feet and maybe wet my hair a bit. But I put on my trunks and put the mobile, watch and other stuff in the locker. After a few minutes in the water I thought why not sit down a little or bend really and get a little bit of water on the body too. Half way down a wave hit me and flew me about 20 yards away 😇 When I came out of the excitement and the shock I realised my specs too were blown away 😂 And I laughed out loud .., I was so happy that at last I will be able to use my spare pair of specs, which I have carrying around me for years😊

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