Another Divine ending – Brisbane 3❤️🙏

Like my Guatemala trip ended with a group meditation in the SRF center there, Brisbane trip too ended with an uplifting Sunday morning meditation at SRF Brookfield center. Love and Good Bye – Guatemala 14❤️An Indian family, Preeti Kotecha, have given part of their beautiful property to SRF, and that is where Uma and I landed up in the morning. The place is a little away from the Citi center and we took a cab to the place.

Am so glad we could make it to this beautiful center and meet some beautiful people. Guruji has indeed given us such a big, beautiful and loving family.

While coming back Uma suggested we take a bus, though Preeti had very graciously offered to drive us back. It being a Sunday there were very few bus services available. We had such a pleasant surprise when a lady stopped by to give us lift ❤️🙏 In fact she had slowed down and come towards the bus stop and then driven away. After five minutes she came back, thinking we might be stuck here for a long time ❤️❤️

Rest of my last day in Brisbane: a good lunch at a French Café; a movie and a just right cup of tea😊

Whole of my trip was so beautiful and enriching. And it was smooth and hassle free. I am so convinced that when we have God in our hearts and He is the first priority, everything else falls in place. All my cab rides, check in, security, flights …all were so smooth 🙏🙏

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto thee”

Peace ❤️ Love 💕— SRF Lake Shrine Retreat💕🙏

Around the World with Love

Looking forward now to my next trip 😊

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  1. Reading and hearing about your experiences even I’m convinced of the tagline you live by – God first God always.. kudos for having overcome all other drama!

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