Love is a One Way Street ❤️❤️

I got this learning from a very unlikely teacher😊❤️ We have been very close to a family in Delhi for decades – Narangs – In fact they are more like family than friends. All of them – auntie, her children and grand children. A beautiful and loving family ❤️

Auntie was very happy when I started to meditate regularly. Whenever I visited them in Delhi she would ask me to join her for satsang, Spiritual gathering, and listen to her didi, her spiritual teacher. One day I had done my meditation rather early and decided to go with her. Before we entered the hall I prayed to Guruji (Paramahansa Yogananda) that he should give me the lesson he wants me to learn that day through this lady. And after that I listened to the discourse with devotion. She talked of many good things but the thing that touched the very core of my being, was:

Love is a one way street. If two cars come from opposite directions in a one way street, it will result in an accident. Similarly when we love and we expect love in return it results in pain and suffering 😇

Most of us know how expectations and attachments are the root cause of our pain, our suffering; at the same time we tell ourselves – after all we are human 😊 I had been a loving and giving person even before I heard this discourse. But that day it sunk in completely. Can’t thank God and Guruji enough.

I have been sharing my travel experiences around the world. This trip to LA, Guatemala and Brisbane was so divine, so filled with love and joy. And this was the result of the unconditional love that I carried in my heart. I had no expectations whatsoever. Kept going with the flow. Giving – whatever and wherever and to whom so ever I could. And I got back in equal measure or more ❤️🙏

But I sincerely believe that we can’t have unconditional love for others till we have the Love of the Divine in our hearts 💕 And the divine can be Divine Mother or Heavenly Father or Mother Nature …and once we are filled with this love divine we carry it to all the hearts, all the souls we touch ❤️🙏❤️

Every morning, every evening He paints the sky anew💕😍 Every sunrise, every sunset, every phase of the moon; the soft and cool breeze, the stillness of the morning and the night, stillness of the trees ….all awaken and fill us with pure love, Love Divine❤️❤️ And once we have this love in our hearts there is no way it won’t manifest in our lives and the lives we touch. This love brings so much joy and peace and happiness.

Our lives begin to expand, to grow, get enriched once we begin to love unconditionally. Life becomes beautiful once we are filled with love and more we share and give more blissful we become.

Love is a Universal feeling – it takes on the colour of the conscious channel through which it flows – father, mother, friend, beloved, child …..Love a quality of the soul. Its fruit is bliss.

We are so stupid, such misers that at times that we are scared to love and even to express our love. Love is a binding force which is holding the world, the universe together. And if we don’t have this love, Love Divine in our hearts … are lives are barren, dull and meaningless…

I love you 😍 😊🤗

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  1. I agree with you on this one. Meditation teaches us to love ourself and God. Slowly we learn to love others without expectations but we are humans. We will have expectations 😊

  2. These wise words of wisdom really made my morning! ❤️ I’ve never looked at it that way, the example you gave about two cars coming in same direction.

  3. Amazing post. love is a one way street. If love is two sided it will only bring pain and sorrow. One sided love is foolishness and two sided is pain. No matter what we choose love is always painful. So just keep the distance from this is best. And there is no groundless love in this world and if this really exist in some corner of the world then that person is either the luckiest person or the dumbest person.

  4. I follow the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda and he has given a beautiful method. We can enrol for lessons which cover life teaching including meditation techniques: beginner to the highest. I shall share links with you. There are meditation groups and Centers all over the world too. Check it out if it works for you.
    Where do you live?

  5. For me Nyasha God is Love and Love is all there is. And Nature’s nature is balance. What we give comes around. When we love unconditionally we shall get it back, may not be from the same person or institution etc. We need to love ourselves more than others but not in a selfish way. But we need discrimination, when to love; when to let go etc. And for me meditation gives us that balance, that wisdom.
    We should love and serve but not become door mats. Self respect and self esteem both are vital.
    All the very best to you dear friend.

  6. Great post my friend. Thank you for the wise words. l am indeed afraid to express love becaue the times l did, l did it expecting to get it back. So what you are saying is that, l shouldn’t expect love in return when l give it. What then is the point of loving my friend?

  7. Then we are the same in that regard…fortunate…and greater love found us, and we are saved. Thanks Ashok!!!

  8. This is so awesome Ian. Amazing insights.
    Yes it is suffering that normally that makes us think of spirituality. And we do need all these constructs and scaffolds on our journey and the Masters always find us and help us.
    I am what I am due to my Master – Paramahansa Yogananda.

  9. Thanks for this! The journey I most observe; the one I’ve taken within and outside myself; observed of my self in observations of others – I’ve found it fascinating. Between fear hate and LOVE, I’ve found love to be the best feeling but the others teach the most deeply because suffering compels us to dig deeper…deeper and deeper through all the constructs which many call “Illusion.” I see constructs…a scaffolding to hold the body, mind and heart…and spirt, and these constructs…they are so very temporary; but real in their purpose (for now) as we each find solid support; work our way from down low and then around and around as we go up completing our work…that is love.

    This is as far as I’ve gotten with what you bring up for which I am spurred on “Up.” Sometimes as we, ourselves, work up, we get stemmed, so we look over at another’s and see they are much higher. The master craftsman upon the other says, “Hey Ho, there! Did you get stuck?” The answer might be, “Yeah (scratching head). I’ve been at this for a while, and I just can’t figure this part out.” The master with so much skill…he climbs down his own, goes to the other’s and looks up and down, then he climbs up to where the halted one is standing; looks at the work…smiles, does some flipping of some element, and the problem is solved. “Wow…I’d have never thought to do that! How easy. THANKS!!!

    The master returns to his own work, and looks over…the halted one is no longer halted, and by Gosh…he’s quite further a long…and it looks great!


    Thanks. I loved this piece of yours. It’s a beautiful share. Truth be known, I actually, once, hated the mention of “Unconditional love.” But I had a LOT of help from those high up and long the way. I’ve come as far as I’ve come because I had help…and now, I see unconditional love in a way that helps me along…and I can see better where to patch, and tweak…and tinker. Love what you said!!!

  10. Oh well I’m sure you’re speaking from experience so I won’t argue but I wish to reach this level one day 😊 it’s my pleasure
    Will check other posts when I can 👍

  11. Thank you so much for going through the post and commenting.
    Yes, it is not easy and not so common but once we start to practice this Unconditional Love, our lives get so enriched! Even the romantic love 💕 😊

  12. It’s actually so inspiring and noble: unconditional love! So lucky those who are able to achieve it and reach this point. I do respect them so much 👌👌 because it’s not easy at all especially speaking romantic love not love to human beings in general

  13. Yes, giving without anything in return brings more joy! Love given comes back many folds back !
    Stay blessed on your path of love 💕

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