Love in Nepal😊❤️

Our landing in Kathmandu got delayed due to some operational issue and we had to keep circling around for 15-20 minutes. But that gave me some awesome sky scapes to watch 😊❤️ Well begun is half done ❤️🙏

That was yesterday evening and today early morning we visited Bagh Bhairav temple; the presiding deity of Kirtipur, where Sabrina lives. So good to see that still so many live here in joint families. Three, four generations together ❤️❤️

Sabrina with her grandma 😍

The whole of Kathmandu valley is now filled with houses. Quite like any B class city in India. Narrow and not fully paved, roads; shops, residences…Didn’t expect a city surrounded by hills, all around, to be so dusty. Most wear masks 😝

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  1. Excellent…. Uncle… happy to see Happiness around the world….. keep making us happy by such beautiful blogs that spreads smile around……

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