Buddha and Bhairav Harmony 💕- Nepal 2❤️🙏

Buddhists and Hindus are living in such harmony. There are more Hindus but they revere Buddha too. Many temples have both – Hindu and Buddha deities. So good to see this harmony in their daily lives.

Lalitpur Darbar and Patan Museum and later Bhaktapur Darbar. Beautiful architecture and traditional sacred arts of Nepal. Good sunny day and beautiful company – just the right mix to see these beautiful and historical sites.

It came as a surprise that Nepal too has many languages and dialects. Nepalese has Hindi script but Newari is very different. All signposts in Kirtipur and around are in 3 languages: first Newari, second Nepalese and third English.

A very good habit I saw in Kathmandu is : early to bed and early to rise 😊 and very hard working people; specially ladies. The place I was staying at was in midst of many houses all around. I am an early riser and love to watch the sunrise. Everyone around was working – cleaning and washing clothes etc. And the chores continue most of the day.

Another interesting fact about Nepal is that most multi-storey houses have kitchens on the top floor.

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  1. Nepal is a beautiful country. Enjoy the trip..
    Try to watch peak of Mt Everest from the cockpit of Budha Airways flight to experience heavenly feeling.

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