Love in Kathmandu on a scooty😊💕 Nepal 3❤️

Sabrina has been taking me around the city on her scooty😊 It has been so much fun.

And her grandma is so sweet and caring (though we can hardly converse)❤️❤️ – she keeps asking me to wear a cap and mask as Kathmandu is so dusty..I have said many times earlier too – it is so good to stay with friends, local families rather than hotels. We learn so much more and there is so much love and care ❤️👏

Love in Guatemala ❤️ – 1

Around the World with Love

On our third day we covered Boudha, Swayambhunath, Pashupatinath and Kathmandu Darbar or square. Some more confirmation of peace and harmony in the people💕

One uncomfortable thing about Kathmandu is the amount of dust here😝 One reason, I am told, is the massive reconstruction still going on after the 2015 earthquake. Most people move around in masks. Hope the reconstruction gets done quickly.

Kathmandu Darbar is under reconstruction too and not that enticing in the evenings as it would have been before the earthquake. The pace of reconstruction is rather slow 😝

The day ended with a birthday dinner at Sabrina’s aunt’s place; her sweet little daughter’s birthday 🍰 😍

Kathmandu valley from Swayambhu

The tree has out grown the temple 😊❤️

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  1. Meeting the members of our big family at the great destinations,beautiful photography and narration, as if we too are traveling with you….

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