The Peak of Peaks 😇❤️ Nepal 8❤️

Had never ever thought of seeing the Mount Everest from so close ❤️🙏

Took the Budha Air Mountain flight to watch the Himalayas and the highest mountain peak in the world. God was again very kind to me and the day was perfect, though there was a forecast of the rain🙏 The flip side was I got the seat under the engine of the ATR plane😝 Suchness of life 😇

A few airlines run these one hour mountain flights, to view the Himalayas first hand and from very close. For tourists the dollar price is almost double but is worth it. As I wrote in my last blog too – it is wiser to invest in experiences 😊❤️

It was an amazing and awe inspiring experience. 100s of miles of the Himalayas 🙏 Could also view Mount Everest from the cockpit 😇 Loved the Gauri Shankar peak too ❤️🙏

It is not possible to look at this majestic mountain range and not to think of God❤️ Nature IS God ❤️🙏 But you know I enjoyed the Paragliding more 😊❤️ … sky, distant earth and cool and fresh breeze caressing me….pure love 💕

Oh God Beautiful 💕 Nepal 7

Mount Everest in the back😇

Top left is Gauri Shankar peak

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