Enchanting Pashupatinath❤️🙏 Nepal 9❤️

Had very good experience at Pashupatinath last week too and this day we could visit it twice ❤️❤️ Both the experiences – the day visit and the night – so different and yet so uplifting.

Buddha and Bhairav Harmony 💕– Nepal 2❤️🙏

The morning visit was basically to locate and spend some time at the caves of two masters, Tilopa and his disciple Naropa, which I was told were in the vicinity of Pashupatinath. Very few people knew of this but we were able to locate the caves, simple and forgotten by most 😝 and meditated there for a while 🙏


The morning was so quiet and there wasn’t anybody around at the Tilopa and Naropa caves. The evening was just the opposite 😎

Pashupatinath was jam packed for the evening Arti. Such soulful singing and the rituals on the banks of Baghmati river. Some kids, inspired by the evening mood, did beautiful tandav dance ❤️🙏 There were a couple of ladies dancing on the lower platform too – in praise of the Lord ❤️🙏

Though we reached rather late, people were generous enough to offer me or accommodate me in a front row seat 😊👏

Loved both – the quiet meditation in the morning and the rituals and the singing in the evening. Both, in a way, connect us to the divine within❤️🙏 Thankful to Nani and Sabrina Maharjan for this enriching experience ❤️🤗

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