Kausani- Switzerland of India💕 Kumaon Hills – 1❤️

Hills are always so pure and beautiful and inviting. And India is filled with beautiful and vibrant and scenic hills – North and South and East and North East 💕

But there is something very special and divine in Kumaon hills in Uttarakhand. Had first been here decades back but didn’t pick up these divine vibrations; maybe I myself wasn’t so receptive at that time. Last year I had the good fortune to visit these hills twice and was awestruck by the divinity and peaceful vibrations in every inch I traveled. And yet so scenic too. And I was in divine company – my beautiful sisters and daughter 😍 God willing shall visit these hills soon once more ❤️🙏

Mahatma Gandhi had spent quite some time in Kausani when translating or writing some of his work on Geeta and had said : Kausani is the Switzerland of India😊❤️

Early morning view of Himalayas from our resort

Trishul mountain on the left and Nanda Devi, the highest peak in this part of Himalayas hidden behind a thick and beautiful cloud ⛅️

Trishul peak in the reflected sun light at sunset 🌅

What looks like a giant wheel is Nanda Devi east ❤️

With didi in the morning ❤️
With Anita at sunset 😍

Our resort from where I took early morning pics

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