Babaji’s Cave: Donagiri Kumaon Hills 4❤️

For seasoned trekkers one km uphill trek to Babaji’s cave won’t be something to rave about. But for devotees like me, it is divine and uplifting 😊❤️

For more details about Babaji pls read : Autobiography of a Yogi. Am sure it is available in your language 😊 This book has changed millions of lives and has the potential to change yours. SRF

We (Yogada Satsanga Society of India and SRF) have an ashram in Dwarhat, Uttarkhand. It is simply divine. I was blessed to visit the ashram twice last year. In April ( thanks to Neha) and in September with my older sisters.

Dwarhat ashram, like all our Ashrams, is simply divine. But the vibrations even outside the ashram are so good. Whole of Kumaon Hills are so vibrant. So many saints like Babaji have lived and meditated here. Every inch of the hills has divine vibrations. And it is picturesque too. Heaven❤️🙏

Crank’s Ridge 😇 Kumaon Hills 3 ❤️

Kausani- Switzerland of India💕 Kumaon Hills – 1❤️

1st visit APRIL 2018

Met her carrying heavy load up the hill with a smile. Beautiful 😍

Darling Sheru. He accompanies all devotees to the cave

At the cave with another devotee from Lucknow. Was pleasantly surprised that she wanted a pic with me😊

Just outside the ashram. Morning walk time 😊

12th century ruins near the Ashram

YSS Dwarhat Ashram

Ashram runs a free school for children upto class V

2nd visit SEPTEMBER 2018

My second trip to the Cave last year was with my older sisters. It was even more divine. My oldest sister is 80 and has had her knees and hip transplanted. And on our way to the Ashram, drive to Dwarhat from Kathgodam station, she hurt her wrist. We had stopped at Kanchi Dham (Neem Karoli Baba) and she slipped and hurt her wrist. With all the love and care we got from all at the Ashram (including Swami Vasudevanandaji), and her devotion and determination- she went upto the cave. It was drizzling a little but it rained only after we had returned safely. Can’t thank God and Gurus enough❤️🙏

The moment we alight at Kathgodam we can feel the vibrations changing and see beauty all around. The railway station itself is so beautiful.

Towns of Bhimtaal and Ranikhet on the way and the hills all around are simply divine.

View from a little above Bhimtaal 😍❤️

Kanchi Dham🙏
With my beautiful sisters 😍

Sheru accompanied us even in this trip. He is so devoted 😊❤️
A big SRF group from Mexico too was visiting the Cave
Made friends with this gentleman, who was accompanied by his daughter and son in law; part of the group

Aum Babaji ❤️ Aum Christ ❤️ Aum Guru ❤️

There is so much to see in India. North, North East and South have awesome hills. But Kumaon hills are my current favourite ❤️😊❤️

23 thoughts on “Babaji’s Cave: Donagiri Kumaon Hills 4❤️

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  1. Wow to have been to many parts of India and to Nepal. I have been to so much of India and yet so much more to see. You will love Kumaon hills. See my other posts. And let me know if I can be of any help.
    Loved Nepal too.
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog Lieve

  2. Stunning photographs. Had to look up where the Kumaon Hills are located…. Close to Nepal, which explains its beauty. I have been to different parts of India and also to Nepal, but not in that part of India yet. Maybe one day…


  3. stay blessed and always be happy uncle and keep on writing such wonderful posts 🙂

  4. Brought back memories of when I went. Such beautiful photos. It was amazing to experience it again in your blog 🙏

  5. It is my pleasure my dear. I loved this lady and the kids and the ladies carrying heavy loads and still smiling. Looking forward to going back these hills 👏

  6. No words to express my feelings over dis blog…simply divine…i could feel the vibrations while going through… trillions of thanks uncle for sharing all ur journey… i loved that old beautiful lady n innocent children pic…all pics r just awesome…👌👌👌

  7. Amazing pictures and amazing description. The vibrations you felt in Kasauni are felt even in your post. Wonderful, I am thrilled to go thru. Thanks a lot 😊

  8. You look so happy uncle, loved your sisters, children and the colorful lady! ♥️♥️♥️ What a amazing country India is 🙏🏼

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