3 Simple Acts to Attract Love ❤️❤️❤️

Falling in love makes us miserable 😩 but Rising in Love is divine ❤️

Never Fall in Love

All of us want love, we want to be loved but yet most of us lead such unhappy and unfulfilled lives😌 The problem is we are looking for it in the wrong direction or at the wrong place.


Love is a One Way Street ❤️❤️

We are happiest when we have a sense of spiritual values awakened in us. We get these through purity of thought. We get these through pure, selfless actions. We get these through unconditional love we give.

All our faculties can be used to produce what is lovely and far reaching; or they can be used to produce what is gross and detrimental to our well being.

Every act of ours can produce something of worth and beauty if we operate from higher consciousness, from being centred in higher chakras.


1. Be Compassionate and Kind: once we are compassionate and kind, our consciousness rises. We are more peaceful. We have a deeper sense of well being. We attract love 💕

2. Serve: Service is the active expression of love 💗 Love is not just a mushy mushy word. It is not a fluttering heart.

Love is all about giving and serving. Others first.

Selflessness attracts pure love 💖

3. Meditate/Pray: meditation 🧘‍♀️ is the best and quickest way to raise our consciousness; of being centred in higher chakras. Prayers and rituals and being in nature do help but meditation is the fastest😊

Regular meditation makes us peaceful. We start to radiate that peace. And the aura we generate attracts love 💕

Love and Live

Live and Serve

And you will attract the purest love 💕

Won’t you like to Rise in Love ?

29 thoughts on “3 Simple Acts to Attract Love ❤️❤️❤️

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  1. “We are happiest when we have a sense of spiritual values awakened in us.”

    My mind still is pindering on that; The importance of spiritual values in our quest to attract.

  2. I agree with being compassionate and kind and the chakras and attracting the aura/energy you give. But serve, I agree with to some extent.

  3. Do check out this link Vee. Have seen thousands of lives transformed with these lessons. They teach everything about meditation- from simple techniques to the highest, step by step. And also how to lead a balanced successful life. Moreover SRF has centres all over the world and that helps to get guidance and for group meditations. Group meditations are always more powerful.


  4. I’m not doing so to attract love, but I am going to start meditating. I think it’ll be good for me.

  5. I also always had this thought of “rising in love” instead of “falling in love”. What can be more beautiful than rising in love!!!

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