I Love the Blogging World πŸ’•

I am so new to blogging – less than 3 months old😊 but am already in love with it.

This is a world of its own. Teeming with life … the good, the bad and the ugly. Filled with love and hate, anger and compassion, joy and sorrow, hope and dejection, great posts and not so great πŸ˜€ to downright sick.

Happy bloggers. Sad bloggers. Bloggers without job. Bloggers without love. Bloggers filled with love and kindness. Bloggers filled with love of God and bloggers without any faith…..

That is life … it takes all sorts to make this Reality Show entertaining and engrossing. If it was all love and light it would lose its charm. If it was all hate and struggle it would be too miserable. It is just right. It is life….

Thank you for accepting me. Love youπŸ€—

22 thoughts on “I Love the Blogging World πŸ’•

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  1. Very nicely said, Ashok and I liked your views on blogging and of course you will find bloggers just the way you have described all of us. Happy blogging and keep on reading and posting comments too.

  2. That’s the spice of life, everyone has a different outlook and a different perspective. The beauty of this place is we can all respect and be kind to one another – I think that’s why I like it so much on this website. Everyone is kind, whether they agree or disagree with you. I love that. I feel you on this post. I really do ❀

  3. Even for me dis blog world was totally new Uncle…u r d 1 who introduced me to dis…and i Really love to read all ur blogs…every morning a new perspective towards life…its jst awesome…πŸ‘πŸ‘

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