Mother in Laws πŸ˜Ž

There are Mothers and there are Mother in Laws 😊 πŸ˜‚ And I have had the pleasure and the privilege of being with and knowing two beautiful mothers and mother in laws; poles apart and yet so awesome.

My wife’s mother in lawMummy❀️

My mother in law – Biji😎

It is Mother’s Day today and the social media is filled with love for Mothers. And I was recalling my wife’s love for mummy, her mother in law. Anita told me once that mummy was the first mother she really had. Biji, her mother, was so busy making both ends meet that there was no time to be a mother, in the way mummy, my mother, was to Anita.

Once I was appreciating Anita about her love for my parents and she told me: they loved me first and I am just giving it back.

Mummy and Anita were pure love. Both were great mothers and loving mother in laws. May the tribes like theirs increase in the world. The world does need much more love πŸ’•

I haven’t loved any one more than I loved them both. And I think the way love has been growing in my heart, these last few years : it is these two loving souls guiding me from some other realm.

Anita had lost her father when she was less than three years old. Biji was illiterate and there was no money and three children to be raised. And she did such a great job of this. She is one of the most giving persons I have ever met πŸ‘

Biji spent many years with us. Once Anita told me that I love biji more than mummy (she had seen me getting angry with mummy🀫) But I told her no, that wasn’t true. I loved mummy much more and could get angry with her without in anyway diminishing our love for each other. But not so with biji. I loved and respected her. But I wasn’t sure how she would take my getting angry with her.

3 mothers and 2 mother in laws – 4 generations πŸ’•

Happy Mothers Day😊❀️

Do you love your mother in law ?

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42 thoughts on “Mother in Laws πŸ˜Ž

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  1. It is so touchy.Reminds of times that are gone and the grace of love and caring.

  2. I do have mother in law and she is awesome in her own many ways. Her story of struggle is much like my mom, so I love her for what she did for her family and for raising a kind hearted son.

  3. This post was beyond sweet❣. Mother in laws are usually not talked about with lot of affection, so it was lovely to know that You and your wife both loved ur mom in laws😍. Beautifully written!

  4. Very true sir, even I had very loving mother in law and I had no choice, but give it back.

  5. Lovely pictures! β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️ For sure they become our second moms πŸ™πŸΌ

  6. Thank you so much for going through the post and commenting. God willing you shall have one soon to get your love πŸ’• 😊

  7. Wonderful.. It feels so nice to read and think of pure and true love. Your every posts assures me that selfless love exists… Thank you so much for making this world a lovely place.. Love u loads

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