you are RESPONSIBLE πŸ’―

Oh yes it is you who are responsible for everything happening anywhere in the world. You are responsible for what president Trump said and did, you are responsible for the earthquake and the hurricanes and the floods, and the riots and the bombings … you are responsible for everything!! You are responsible for the job that you lost, you responsible for the lover who cheated you. You are responsible for your mother’s sickness and your father’s death. You are also responsible for the love and the beauty and the joy everywhere in the world. You are responsible for the sunrise and the sunset, for the clouds and the breeze….

Your life, my dear is your RESPONSIBILITY!! πŸ’― percent. And unless and until you learn and practice this – your pain and suffering isn’t going to go. You aren’t going to lead a fulfilling life –However good it may look to the outside world and however much you may fool yourself.

But before we talk more about Responsibility we need to understand ACCEPTANCE

Today is a given. Fighting today is insanity. Whatever your are today : your health, wealth, relationships, looks….. IS – what it is. Accept it. It could have been different – yes. But it is not and that is a fact. It is futile to waste your time and energy blaming anyone, including yourself.

Any problem you have with life : Look at it and Acknowledge it…. whatever is happening in your life today Accept it. Be aware of it…

And then take RESPONSIBILITY– πŸ’― percent. Responsibility is Your Ability to Respond. What do you do!! The point my dear is that you have no control over most of the things that happen to you and around you. More than 90% things that happen to you aren’t in your control. But the quality of your life today and your future depends on – How you Respond to those external stimuli. Normally we REACT with a conditioned mind; with our past perspective and impressions. What we need to do is RESPOND!! And that can happen only and only if you stop yourself from reacting. Even if you give the smallest of pauses before you react, you will be able to respond. President Trump said it : how do you respond. PM Modi or May or Justine did this or that : how do you respond. An earthquake in Nepal : how do you respond ……

The moment you start doing it your life will start to bloom. All the energy that would have been lost in the blame game, being a victim; will be channelled to the solution of the challenges you are facing. You will be at peace with yourself and the world.

As I wrote in my post Time heals nothing …. Past and Future are mind constructs. Never real. And living in them we make our present, which is real, miserable. By learning to Respond and not React you will start to live more in the Now. And that is Amazingly freeing.

You have an amazing life ahead for you.



Let go

Live in the Now

Shine your light

Just be…

I love you and am so proud of you β€οΈπŸ€—

54 thoughts on “you are RESPONSIBLE πŸ’―

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  1. Funny how things come up when you need them – an insight that in these minutes of time and space can shift a perspective in the right direction – I needed to read this right now, at this moment in time. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you so much for reading and your wise words Vernon. Surviving our impulse is spiritual awakening – awesome πŸ‘

  3. [ Responsibility is your ability to respond ]…

    I like that! πŸ™‚

    When we learn to live in the here and now, we tap into a power greater than ourselves by hearing our conscious.

    Surviving our impulse is a spiritual awakening.

    There are a lot of people in the world who wished they had taken the time to stop and think.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Responsibility is Your Ability to Respond. Never looked at it that way 😍😍. Thanks for the motivation. I honestly don’t know where I’m going now but thanks to you I’ll accept it and keep moving forward. 😁

  5. yes it is true. everyone is responsible for one’ s life as well as surroundings.

  6. Respond instead of reacting….wow wonderful perspective….live in the now and cherish life…BeautttttifulπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  7. Thank you Marta for going through the post and your comments.
    How I respond defines my life. How you respond will define yours.
    Both are fine.
    Paramahansa Yogananda, my Guru, says : You raise your consciousness and you help the whole world.
    Whatever I write is to help myself and remind myself and I share that someone out there might be needing it to. This one was specially for two bloggers who are struggling and I feel they are looking for props outside of themselves and it won’t work. And they may not even read this post and such is life 😊
    Have a joyous day my friend

  8. Great post, Ashok. With your wise words you are reminding us all of the things and attitudes we should never forget. Yes, life is about first recognising and accepting facts as they are, but then assuming the degree of our responsibility towards each person and situation. Can we change the current situation for better? Can we learn from past mistakes to do better? I think life is basically about personal and collective attitude. Life is about to help our world not get any worse.

  9. Totally agree with your words of reality and truth, Ashok. We have to take responsibility for everything that is going around in our lives. Thanks for this awesome words.


    β—‡ Pain is either Healing or Growth EveryOne; for example it’s Very Painful to Expose Capillaries to Oxygen yet there is next to No Pain with Internal Bleeding


  11. I love you, my dear friend, philosopher and guide – not as much as Gurudev but somewhere close..😊

  12. I love you, my dear friend, philosopher and guide..not as much as Gurudev but somewhere close!! 😊

  13. Thank you so much Jyot. This was prompted by two bloggers, whom I am fond of, who have been ranting and blaming without taking responsibility. And they may not even read this post πŸ˜‚ Such is life …

  14. Lovely reminder Ashokji. All your posts deeply resonate with me. Yes, Our life is our responsibility. We confuse Fault with responsibility. It could be someone else’s fault that you are miserable, but it is YOUR responsibility to take care of yourself and find happiness again. Great point about responding and not reacting. Reaction is temporary while response means action that one is going to take as a result. Loved it as usual. Keep spreading the wisdom😍

  15. Thank you my truthful friend. Yes, we do create our reality. Have a great day. Respond don’t react πŸ˜‚

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