Enchanting evening in Goa ❤️

I never ever thought that I will come to Goa in summer. But what all one wouldn’t do for love 💕

I like Goa but I wouldn’t have said it is my favourite holiday destination in India. And I realised it is my 6th visit here – the highest! And the first was 50 years back in the final year of my engineering- with my college friends 😇

All my earlier visits were in winter. Though the season starts here in October, best time to visit Goa is December- February.

Saw the sunrise in Pune today and the sunset in Goa. An amazing evening with breeze and waves and the setting sun. Not only on the beach but the sun peeping through the trees. Absolutely enchanting.

I was humming Guruji’s chant all through :

So do Thou my Lord,

Thou and I never apart;

Wave of the sea, dissolve in the sea,

I am the bubble make me the sea.

So do Thou my Lord …

It is so amazing Guruji (Paramahansa Yogananda) not only wrote poetry, he composed so many chants and spiritualised them. One can easily touch divinity singing these chants.

As it is the evening was so enchanting, this chant made it divine ❤️🙏

That is what I think is the ultimate aim of all life … to realise our oneness with our creator…I am the bubble, make me the sea. To realise — I and my Father are one. But this is going to happen only with His grace. So I Hope and Wait and :

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54 thoughts on “Enchanting evening in Goa ❤️

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  1. Really? I have read most of Ludlum but not seen the movies.
    When are you coming Vee?
    Maybe my 7th trip to Goa will be with you 😊🤗
    Thank you for your kind words and yes – small things can lead to desires and and there is so much happiness in small desires fulfilled…

  2. Have you ever seen the Bourne Movies? At the end of the Bourne Identity, Jason Bourne goes to find his girl and she’s living in Goa. Ever since my seeing that movie, I’ve wanted to go and see it for myself. It’s the small things that give you desires in life. It’s funny that way.

    Beautiful post, my friend. Thank you for the inspiration.

  3. Oh yes, I read that you’ve been there 6 times!
    I meant to say that compared to your first visit you must be noticing so many changes. Maybe I didn’t put the sentence together properly. 😅😂

  4. Then u r d r8 person to compare. At those time people hold each others hand and look at each place,comment, amaze and cherish their moments at that place. Now ? that should be an another blog 🤣

  5. Ive Been to GOA, during no android no camera mobiles period. It’s a wonderful place. U’ve clicked some memorable pictures.✨ Very nice.

  6. Beautttttiful pics as usual Uncle….Thou and I never apart…my favourite chant…This is the way of practicing the presence of God…👌👌🙏🙏

  7. How is a fantabulous place and you have captured it so beautifully in pictures and prose!
    Aum Guru and stay blessed

  8. Thank you friend. I love everything about Goa – the beaches, the churches, greenery and winding roads, laid back pace ..
    50 years back was the first trip my dear. Have been here many times after that. Last was 2 years back.
    One major change in recent years is – sadly — growth of Russian drug mafia ☺️

  9. Goa is an amazingly beautiful place. I personally love the beach shacks there.😁
    Visiting Goa after 50 years, you’ll probably see a lot of changes. Enjoy! 🙂

  10. Now that’s the way to spend a day. The pictures are beautiful, being there in the presence must have been enchanting

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