Monsoon clouds …

Pre monsoon clouds

Have started to gather

And my heart

And my soul

Are beginning

To smile.

Longing to hear

The sound of

Falling rain drops

And the rustling

Of the leaves.

And the divine

Fragrance and the


Of Mother Earth

As the first drops fall

On its thirsty breast.

Sky and the earth

Rejoicing together;

And I am in love

With the monsoon

And whole of life …

Photos by Ashok June 2019

73 thoughts on “Monsoon clouds …

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  1. I have never been to Scotland but know it is very beautiful. God willing one day.
    And I visited UK long long back. God willing soon again 😊🙏

  2. That is so sweet Vee. I do write many things hoping you will read them 😊
    I so wish that you lead an abundant life.

  3. It can get pretty rainy in the u.k., but nothing, I suspect, like where you are. I love thunder and lightning storms which we get occasionally. I live in England now but was brought up in Scotland where the rain is much heavier. ☺

  4. Wonderful photos and a beautifully uplifting atmospheric poem. I love rain!

  5. Oh, I know. I really do. I just like that people, like me, are liking the things you’ve got to say. ❤

  6. As I had said once earlier too Vee, you shall always remain very special for me : The first blogger to comment on my posts 🤗

  7. Beautiful the rains so quenching Mother Earth’s thirst to refresh and replenishing her being. Rains cleanse the physical and spiritual. May you have a blessed Monsoon

  8. True! Monsoon is a gift from god. Nothing brings more joy to the heart than the sweet sound of falling rain drops! Nice pictures! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  9. It is a number, but it isn’t a number. It’s 200 people, like minded or individually minded, friends. 200 Friends who’ve thought ‘My, he seems like he’s got something to say that I can appreciate. Something that I resonate with. Something that I want to see more of. 200 friends, who appreciate your thoughts. As much as it’s a number, it’s also a connection.

  10. Thank you so much Sonia. That is the beauty of nature. Peaceful and yet joyous. I am sure you have that joy and peace within you 🤗

  11. Thank you Vee. It is just a number isn’t it? I need to see how many can I manage 😊
    God be with you in all that you do

  12. Some places do get adversely affected V but generally it is great. I love it. And as I have said earlier too – you are always welcome here in any season 😊🤗

  13. That is so sweet Swapnal. You are such a divinely receptive young lady. And I am looking forward to August 🤗

  14. श्रावणात घन निळा बरसला, रिमझिम रेशीम धारा…..
    उलगडला झाडातून अवचित हिरवा मोरपिसारा….

  15. श्रावणात घन निळा बरसला…….
    रिमझिम रेशीम धारा…..
    उलगडला झाडातून अवचित हिरवा मोरपिसारा….

  16. I’ve always been curious about what monsoon season is like. I hear/see crazy stories on the news, but is it really as crazy as western media paints it out to be? I presume living in India you deal with it annually, so you’re probably used to it by now?

    I think it would be really cool to experience.

  17. Wooooooow im just in love of ur poems uncle….and pics too…its sooo soulful that i dont just read and see it but very deeply i feel it…with some unexplained joy pouring out from within…im happy that my baby will open eyes in this soothing monsoon season in August😄

  18. Miss that lovely mitti smell 🙂, and monsoons rain. Enjoy Ashokji! And beautiful pictures.


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    ◇ Do You CHOOSE!!! 1 or 2 EveryOne; Balance, 2 or InStability, 1 or, perhaps, a combination of both 🤔 ?


    Understand that Ladies ARE Only Good for Three Things:

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