I Don’t Know…

I don’t know

From where have I come

I don’t know

Where I will go.

I don’t know

Why I am here

I don’t even know

Who I am;

How can I ever know

Who you are?

I don’t know

Your pain

I don’t know

Where you hurt,

I have never

Walked in your shoes.

I don’t know

The desires of my soul

And I don’t know

What are God’s plans….

You and I

Two clueless souls

Looking for liberation

Knowing not

From what

And why

54 thoughts on “I Don’t Know…

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  1. Unawnsered questions…so poetically written… beautiful. .thank u for sharing.

  2. Close your eyes,
    Call HIS name,
    Ask for the way,
    HE gives you the
    Righteous plan
    Of what to do
    What not to do,
    Ask HIM for eyes
    HE gives you
    From which
    You can recognize
    Where to go
    Where not to go
    HE is the one
    THE ONE who knows
    Who we are,
    Why we are here,
    Where from we come,
    Where we go,
    Close your eyes
    And ask him
    The answer comes
    From your heart
    Where HE lives
    Ask him…

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