It is not everyday that one travels with a police dog πŸ˜‚

It was only yesterday that I saw a post on dogs from Anitha, whom I have just met; and a post from Vee, where she had talked of a dog who ate up or ripped up her Nike shoes 😜 I am not a dog lover. Dogs were nowhere in my mind. But here I am traveling in a First Class AC coach with a police dog πŸ•. And he is no ordinary dog; he is returning after participating in a prestigious competition. Lucky me😊


A couple of days back I had attended a family function in North India. Whole of my family was there, including Moni, our woman Friday, who has been with us for 38 years πŸ˜‡ She was to go back to Pune and her train ticket was wait listed and I was sure it will get confirmed. It didn’t 😌 I was booked to go up further north to Chandigarh and there onwards to the hills. Despite best efforts we have not been able to get a confirmed seat for her. And I can’t let her go on a flight by herself. She has never flown and will be lost. So might end up dropping my Hills plan and accompany Moni home. Ashok proposes God disposes πŸ˜ŠπŸ™

And I almost missed my train – Uber delay 😜

During all this uncertainty and knowing not what to do and what will be : I never lost my center of peace (pat on my back!) I was living my post that I shared some days back : you are RESPONSIBLE πŸ’―

Accept what is and then take Responsibility 100 πŸ’― percent. Responsibility- My ability to Respond.

And when it looked like I might miss my train I didn’t miss a single heart beat. He knows more than me. He has the bigger picture. Another of my posts : God…my GPS β€οΈπŸ˜‡

I am so glad and grateful that I was able to Walk my Talk – well most of the time πŸ™πŸ˜Š

I had barely managed to catch my train and you guessed it : was greeted by this sweet and well behaved dog 😊😍

I could have objected or complained about the dog; but I didn’t. Why waste my energy …

But yes, I hope he doesn’t eat up my shoes when I take my nap πŸ’€

37 thoughts on “of DOGS and TRAINS

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  1. Your positivity in this whole episode is commendable…not that it is obvious when one has lived so many beautiful years as you have,most grown ups still miss the point so for all of this we give God the glory.Congratulations for walking the talk…faith/love without actions is sure dead.

    Kudos Ashok!

  2. I was not a dog lover either until I had one πŸ˜‰ … They are loving and transmit so much peace. πŸΆπŸΎπŸ™πŸ€—

  3. Cute dog. Has it eaten your shoes yet?😜. I hope not. Thank God for the gift of a peaceful heart, that even in an unsettling situation, you still find a way to rain calm. It’s a good thing.

  4. This is a good lesson to learn actually so thank you for sharing your experience and this dog looks so peaceful and calm 😊

  5. Lovely post…the dog is so cute πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ•πŸΆπŸΎ
    True dog lover β€οΈπŸ’–

  6. Haha..i’m a TOTAL dog lover and believe that they are the ACTUAL angels of Mother Earth. Have learnt much about unconditional love from them and rate them far ahead of humans when it comes to giving love!! 😊😁

  7. Awe, he’s just so precious! I’m glad he hasn’t eaten your shoes. With a face like that, it’d be hard to be mad at him. I’d just be like ‘okay pupper, here’s my other shoe too’. lol

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