Feeling Sad and Lost…

Am feeling so sad

To see a friend lost

But am in not

The one more lost?

I see her struggling

And can do nothing


Hope and Pray,

For her and for me

To understand His play.

And for wisdom

To be able

To do my part well

In this play Divine.

Just to remain

A witness

Knowing that He

Is the Doer

Not I,

Let His will be done

Not mine ….

57 thoughts on “Feeling Sad and Lost…

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  1. When one has to go through suffering, Maya deludes them to push away anything that comes to reduce their pain..

    Only the blessed can overcome it 😊

  2. Yes Jyot. At times we just need to let go. Running the world is His Responsibility not mine πŸ™ Thank you

  3. That’s great to hear Ashokji. Your friend has her own learning curve, so sooner or later she would realize that she was wrong. Letting go is the way to go. Peace!

  4. Thank you so much Jyot. Yes, all is well with His grace. This was about a friend whom I was going out of my way to help; instead of being thankful she was almost abusive. Forgive them my Lord, they know not what they doπŸ™

  5. Ellem,
    I try not to be officious, but I do want to share something. One thing I discovered is being out and about among people, doing, sharing, expressing…loving, caring and being diligent as best I can, one personal truth I’ve acquired is: Once I put it out there, I have no control over what other people do…with all I give and offer. They, anyone outside of myself, also have free choice and equal power to do, with what I offer, anything they want with it. Of the angry, mean, cruel and selfish (in their moments of these states), I have done due diligence to accept I AM NOT ACCOUNTABLE for what they do. They are accountable…and what they do TRULY represents them…and not I. This is self esteeming…and holistically self preserving. That said, I still care. I do not withhold my care, but I let responsibility remain at its source. God is the judge. Not I. I think, this is what it means to have humility. Turning the other cheek, in this light…is a WONDERFUL thing. God bless you.

  6. Thank you so much Elle. Yes, it helps and it is so kind of you. And brave of you to offer the other cheek.
    Let us hope and pray good sense prevails.
    Love πŸ€—

  7. Hi again Ashok. This happened to me too only a few weeks ago. I spoke in truth to someone and I was taken aback by the way they turned on me … twisting my words and telling lies about me. I didn’t retaliate and, I believe, that’s how I found out the true meaning of ‘turning the other cheek’. It’s hurtful at the time, but it WILL pass. Don’t beat yourself up for wanting to help someone. I hope this helps in some way. πŸ™

  8. You have the beauty and goodness in you Vee; otherwise you wouldn’t see it in my soul. We constantly reflect each other.
    Thank you so much. Much love and hugs πŸ€—

  9. Hello, I have nominated you for Blogger Recognition Award..
    Kindly check it out in my blog 🌸

  10. Apart from hurdles and difficulties, everything becomes pleasant when we bow before the will of Our Allah.
    Beautiful expression captured in words. πŸ’–πŸ’–

  11. I could feel ur pain Uncle… yess He is the doer…He knows what u should go through for ur upliftment towards Him…accept wholeheartedly, evenmindedly…His ways are sometimes very difficult and confusing but He is the well wisher of you..nearest of the near…dearest of the dear…

  12. You’re such a beautiful soul. Reading this really brought me some peace. And a sense of just how big of a heart that you have. You’re such a good soul! ❀

  13. Nice lines…. This short term of life is meant to be lived well, and should not to be afraid of losing it. Our time should make noise. Your care for the lost soul is deep. All we need to do is just let it go…. ✨ Have a good day ✨

  14. Thank you so much JMπŸ€— you are so right πŸ‘
    That is what I have decided. Running the world is His Responsibility not mine πŸ™

  15. It can be frustrating, but it’s clear you care so deeply. That is where your part ends on this one, it seems. Sometimes allowing ourselves to be lost and then finding our way out is what is needed to advance our souls. Hugs to you and your friend. β™₯️


  16. Thank you so much Beena. This was triggered yesterday night by someone whom I was trying to help but got blamed instead. One lives and learns. Remember my post : Life has no Meaning !
    Selfless service is the only way I think


    β™‘ Many Folk THINK!!! I AM an Aloof, Arrogant when the REALITY!!! is I AM a Giant Candle, an ETERNAL FLAME!!!, just like ALL of Us; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that I, and Many Others, ReIgnite Doused, Dimmed, Dumbed Candles


  18. So simply put….and this is the truth.
    Wonder what is life then…we r just playing the role as the Divine wills..
    Have a blessed day

  19. Boss – well said…just love, live and laugh – life is too precious to waste on ANYTHING else!! Have a SUPER day ahead!! πŸ™πŸ˜Š

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