Science is clueless…

With all the advances science has made in last few centuries, it is still so clueless about life …

Came across this quote of Gus Speth ( and it so resonates with me (thank you Sanjay)

Oh yes! Top environmental problems are:




And science is clueless on how to handle these.

There is no end to human greed, and selfishness. Apathy is an epidemic.

There are only two people who can do something about it. They are: YOU and ME

Let you and me

Become selfless

And giving

Let you and me

Be loving and kind

Let you and me

Be compassionate

And caring

And it is only

You and Me

Who can

And have the power

To save mankind

40 thoughts on “Science is clueless…

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  1. They are linked to human nature which has changed very little , if at all in the last fifty thousand years. Without them progress would have been impossible , greed is the desire to gain more in every direction , apathy is our intention to focus on what concerns our advancement only.
    We share these attributes with all other living species ; it’s Darwin’s survival of the fittest.

  2. Wow, what a profound message. Yes Science solves problems but for every solution, we seem to be creating bigger problems. We are working towards easier and faster life at an immense cost. So true… “Me and you” need to slow down and get in touch with who we are. Lovely postπŸ‘

  3. Let’s love all humans kind, as you says uncle, love is all that matters β™₯️

  4. Saying so much with so few words

    I agree implicitly. If we could inculcate the best qualities into others life would be drastically different and I believe better.

  5. This is so true! We need more love, care and empathy! This world is lacking humanity and compassion and this is what making people miserable actually

  6. Absolutely agree, science does not have the answers to the major world problems, it starts with ourselves. Selfishness, Greed and Apathy oh yes, “the I cannot be bothered” it is someone else’s problem. It is everyone’s problem to do a little more for each other.

  7. Top problems are selfishness, greed and apathy. Well said… and yes we all should be compassionate.
    Nice post

  8. β™‘ A place for everything; everything has a place EveryOne…for a “Scientist” to Admit “Science” doesn’t have ALL The Answers is Extraordinarily Courageous; please respect that courage, please


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