Hate consumes the Hater πŸ”₯

Body is composed of about 70 trillion cells. And each cell has Supreme intelligence, God’s intelligence. We need to give the body right environment and it self heals. I had written this in my blog last month.

Am a happy Fruitarian ..πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

I was talking to my sisters about healing and we talked about all what I had written. My sisters are equally or more enlightened and aware. And our discussion drifted to love, healing, God, Dr. BM Hegde, Bruce Lipton, Dr. Venkat….

My thought went to the beauty and complexity of our bodies. And it’s vastness. Trillions of cells and billions of kms of blood and life force carriers and the tissues and organs; the mind and the brain; it’s complexities. And my thoughts again went to the infinitude and immensity of creation. (You may like to read Infinitude of God)


In a way our body represents the whole universe. Whatever is there in the outside world is within me too. And I have the intelligence of the Supreme, just like every cell of my body.…God for me is Love. God is Omnipresent. Same God and same love is there in everything in our lives. We are all connected. Same Love, same consciousness runs through the whole of creation. There is no separation.

It is He and His love that is percolating through all hearts, through the pores of the earth and through the sky ..

Our body Cells live for other cells. They are alive because they care, because they give. Their first job is to help any and every other cell that needs help. And they not only love the other cells in our bodies they love the cells of other bodies and other things too. They know nothing but love. For them there is no separation. There is just love and oneness.


And when we start to hate someone or something our cells get confused. They don’t understand this emotion. They try their best to make us love. But when the hate persists they start to think that they too need to change. They stop caring. They stop to love and help other cells in our body. And our bodies start to degenerate. Autoimmune disorders set in. And our own body starts to consume itself.

The only way out is LOVE


Hate is nothing but absence of love. Fill yourself so much with love that there is no room for hate. You will radiate love and health and happiness. You will not only heal yourself; anyone who comes in touch with you will get healed too πŸ’•


What are you choosing?

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  1. Thank you so much Preet. I am so glad that you could relate to it. May God fill your life with love and joy πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—

  2. you are perfectly right that same love is in every one in every cell and you develop it you will find that you will get love for love. you have to win over hatred thought if them come to your mind otherwise hatred will eat you.

  3. My guru, Paramahansa Yogananda says; a person who wants to be happy no body can make him unhappy; a person who wants to be unhappy no one can make him happy.
    Yes Vernon, my life my choice …

  4. God is Love! As you state Ashok, all of God’s creation is interconnected. This is the true beauty God’s thinking. He loves us, and we are expected to love others. Sadly, we experience the darkness because of mankind’s perfections.

  5. Thank you my friend. Hope your studies are going fine πŸ€—
    Fill yourself with love. Nothing else is needed

  6. Yes absolutely true and why not we need to keep sharing our love and happiness with whomsoever we meet and come across. Blessings from the One who is in all of Us. Welcome always, Ashok.

  7. Thank you so much Kamal. I know you would always choose love πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•
    As you know for me too God is love.
    I was so surprised to hear that some doctors do feel or know that hate is the cause of Autoimmune disorders.
    Let us fill ourselves with love and keep sharing that love.
    God be with you Kamal

  8. A fantastic and truthful words of Love & Hate, Ashok and I choose Love cause God is Love and Love must Love. When we are not we but He who plays different roles in this ever illusionary world of creation why not surrender and let Him play all our parts the way He wants to. Lovely post.

  9. I am so glad you could connect with this post KJ. You are right – we pick up negativity instantly and it requires effort to pick up positive energy. We need to constantly fill ourselves with more and more love. There is no other way.
    So good to be with and love plants and animals.
    God bless and lots of love
    Thank you so much for the read and appreciate your thoughts

  10. You are quite right. Thank you for this too.
    Within the last year I went on a journey. On this journey I learned a lot but the main thing I came back with is that love is essential to all of our lives we just don’t see it. I have always been good with plants and animals. Only recently did I realize that I inherently love them. I feel it deep inside of me. I have changed with this knowledge. You have helped me even more with this. I feel all of our lives would drastically change if love were be a part of us all.
    Hate I see as a waste of energy. One has to focus their thoughts and consume their internal energies to direct it. What makes it hard,from what I have experienced, is that negativity comes to us so easy and we have to work on the positivity.

  11. I always choose love, though after being under constant attack by one of my neighbours and her family I found myself wanting to hate and immediately stopped myself as I knew it would be self destructive and set about praying to the Heavenly Father to help me rise above these condemning emotions. I refused to stoop down to their level. I found strength, courage and my inner power was increased immensely through the Heavenly Father to cope with my life. Love your posts.

  12. Totally agree πŸ‘Œβ™₯️..
    LOVE HEALS US….HATE CONSUMES US- this is totally amazing β™₯️

  13. Absolutely true!! Love is the answer to EVERYTHING!! Cheers and have a great day ahead!!

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