My Love-Hate relationship with USA; Infinitude of God-2

It was end of June 2014 and I was on my way to NY from Mumbai. My thoughts drifted again to my love-hate relationship with USA πŸ˜‡

In 1960s we loved USA. My father loved president JFK. I loved JFK and all of us loved him. I finished my engineering in 1970 and went out into world – A world run by Power and Money. I started to dislike USA for their lopsided materialistic outlook on life; dollar was their God 😌 and I wasn’t comfortable with that.

My first visit to the US was in 1983. I found fruits and vegetables were tasteless; there was no peace; everyone was always in a rush and I thought : see how right I was about my views about this country 😌

And then the Iraq war happened. And my dislike turned so intense and it could be called hate. I knew and the whole of world knew that there were no weapons of mass destruction- WMDs. The war was wholly driven by petro dollar situation/reality!! It was all about money. It was all about control. There was no love. There was no concern for the lives lost outside of USA. And this pained me no end. And my dislike persisted.

The trip in 2014 was to attend our SRF/YSS World Convocation. As I had already quit my work completely, even advisory role; I could undertake a long trip. I had decided to go first to the East Coast to meet my nephew and niece in NY and DC and then to Chicago and Cincy, two more nieces; and finally to LA for the Convocation.

My thoughts turned to my Guru, Paramahansa Yogananda. He had spent most of his adult life in the US; sharing his love for the Divine and teaching the people in the US Kriya Yoga; the scientific way of God realisation. And I thought : God is love. Guruji is Love (he was Love incarnate). And Guruji spent decades in the US. Didn’t Guruji teach Oneness of people, of nations, of whole of humanity? If we are all one, part of that Great Spirit and God is love; why am I getting lost in this play of light and shadow? I kept talking to myself for hours in that flight. And with the passing of every minute and hour, I became more and more peaceful. At peace with myself. By the time I landed my acceptance and transformation was complete. Just love πŸ’–

And I found fruits and vegetables were tasty. People very friendly and kind 😊❀️ We drove down to see Niagara Falls from NYC; and I said : I would never have thought NY state was that greenπŸ˜‡ My perception, my thoughts had changed my reality. And wherever you are in your life today, my dear friend : It is your perceptions and beliefs which have brought you here. And it is only you who has domain over your thoughts. Not your parents, not your children, not your government… you are responsible for your life are RESPONSIBLE πŸ’―

Coming back to now; am sharing a paragraph from my post Infinitude of God

The humongous size of the universe itself was so humbling and left me in a daze for months. But I was completely bowled when I learned that the Universe is ever expanding. My question was what is it expanding into? What was there before ? Nobody could give me any answer. I got my answer in my own way some years back and shall talk about it one of these days.

I had said I will share my perception of what is our universe or the cosmos expanding into. Jyot (JJ’s Blog) you had commented that you will be waiting to read this; am dedicating this post to you; with love πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—




When I had posted Infinitude of God

Observation Blogger had commented that the universe is not expanding into anything. It just keeps stretching itself and that galaxies just keep drifting apart. I loved this. Stretching itself could also mean that it is just a thought, just an idea??

When I had finished writing I realised that words can’t really describe what I had felt and realised. I keep sharing my experiences and my truths. And what I have shared above is perhaps the greatest of my truths. But I also understand and accept that you have your truths to accept and live by; and that no words can ever describe God, His Infinitude; this Immensity. God and Love are a feeling that can only be experienced; just like the fragrance of a rose ….

Flammarion engraving, Paris 1888; photo credit Wikipedia

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  1. Thank you so much my dear friend for going through the lengthy posts and for your words of appreciation. Am so glad to have an amazing friend like you πŸ€—

  2. These are not mere words of wisdom, these are first hand experiences, and inspiring ones.. thanku my friend for being my guiding light yet again πŸ™πŸ™

  3. This is a wonderfully insightful post of your transformational change.
    I really loved this: ‘Wherever you are in your life today, my dear friend : It is your perceptions and beliefs which have brought you here’.
    This profound realisation is something I am still trying to fully embrace although there have been fewer truer things written.
    Thank you for your kind mention of my comment in your post!

  4. Thank you so much KJ. I had amazing time in LA earlier this year. We have our Mother Center and retreats in LA/California. There are some of my Feb/March posts from that visit. That was the start of my blogging 😊

  5. I hope this will be the best time yet for you. Although I do understand your love hate relationship with this country. I know you’re not the only on. I too have a similar relationship with this country.

  6. Thank you for that ashok. I will look into it and take in all that I can. If I can learn to see and to be even a little more like you, as expressed through your writings, I know I will only benefit myself and those around me.

  7. Okii. You may like to check out Home Study Lessons by Guruji at
    These are amazing teachings. And I am sure there would be a meditation center of SRF nearby.
    All the very best to you KJ. Love and blessings

  8. Thank you so much Radhika. You may like to look at the Home Study Lessons of Paramahansa Yogananda at
    They are amazing

  9. A post filled with wisdom and experience of life. Like you said it is all a matter of perspective Ashok. My father was very inspired by Parmahamsa Yogananda. He gifted me the book ” The autobiography of a Yogi”, which was so insightful.

  10. Aha! Just your reflection…outside i what’s inside. Very clever replyπŸ˜€. I will take itπŸ˜‡.

  11. Thank you so much Simon. Yes, this moment is all that we have and to love and live it well is all that matters 😊❀️
    For me : I am searching for nothing.
    You say God and Love are a belief. Absolutely. That is what my post is all about : everything is a belief, a perception…

  12. Oh wow that is great news to hear and I found a beautiful friend Krishnapriya who too is has a lot to say on Baba. Nice to hear that Ashok. So nice to be coming close to His Love and Grace. This is all Him, The Avatar and he keeps on playing all different roles in us. Welcome so much and your post was so true to itself.

  13. Thank you so much Kamal. Your kind words mean so much to me. One of my sisters is deeply involved with Meher Baba 😊❀️

  14. Such a profound read, Ashok and you have said it rightly it is all our perceptions and how we look at things. Everyone and everything changes the way we look, if we think in a positive way everything turns out beautiful. As Meher Baba has said “There is nothing like Bad, it is a Small Degree of Goodness”. Thanks for this inspiring share. Too good.

  15. Its a good post. But i would like to share that concept of God, Love itself a perception of human. im not against god and love, it is a beleif, it is a view only those are into it can share how it feels. Instead of searching it we should live this moment spread love and live … ✨✍️ Well written..

  16. Thank you so much KJ. Am so touched.
    Guruji left the body long back but had said only Love will take his place. And he had said his teachings will be the guru, which I and millions other follow.
    Where do you live?

  17. Thank you so much Nanette. Am so glad to hear this. If I am able to touch even one soul, my effort is worthwhile. May God help you to keep expanding your circle of peace and contentment. Much love πŸ€—

  18. Thank you so much my friend. I too get frustrated at times with my country but I come out of it quickly and like you, go to God and pray.
    Yes, I know US got Trumped😜
    I still feel and know so many things about the US which are frustrating, to say the least; but then I know that I need to do my bit and let go. Running the world is His Responsibility not mine.
    You are doing the best : place your faith and trust in Him πŸ™πŸ™
    All the very best.
    PS: I intend visiting US and Canada this fall and let us see how this chapter unfolds πŸ˜ŠπŸ™

  19. Thank you so much Jyot. It is you who are so sweet πŸ˜πŸ€— I am just your reflection πŸ˜‡
    You are on the right path my dear. One day at a time. One step at a time.
    Am so excited about my coming trip to the US and Canada and meeting you πŸ€—πŸ€—

  20. Thank you so much Eugenio 😊 … gratitude for my rose coloured glasses πŸ‘“ πŸŒΉπŸ˜‚
    Keep catching the moments my friend

  21. Thank you for this post with great advice. I can relate to this post but for me place is Mumbai. 10 year’s back I used to the this place but now I started loving it.

  22. Reading This post i felt something which is beyond words…Infinite gratitude to the infinity… what a deep thinking in ur words uncle..i loved the view of Mr. Rajj also…keep on inspiring us Uncle…may God n Gurus bless u…

  23. Good afternoon ashok. I enjoyed your post and I agree with you. I think you’ve found your rose-colored glasses. Cheers!

  24. Thank you Ashokji for the post and for dedicating it to me. You are beyond sweetπŸ€—πŸ˜. And I am glad that you don’t hate USA now and that you will come back and i will get to meet you😁. Fruits, literally, tastes much better now than it did a decade ago. Loved your answer to the question from the first part. I am still a novice in the field of spirituality, so still trying to grasp what it all means. I know i won’t be able to until i really feel the presence of that higher intelligence or God( i am just uncomfortable with the G word😊). Hopefully, some day!

  25. Very well expressed Ashokji … can relate to the similar experiences during my US stints. Keep inspiring all . Jai Guru

  26. Ashok, your philosophy of life is far ahead of mine. Thanks for sharing your personal journey about the United States.

    There are times now when I am frustrated with my nation, and I go to God in prayer. In God, I place my faith and trust.

  27. “How can we grasp that which has no beginning and no end”? In short, how can we grasp infinity?

    Very simple! 😊

    Just close your the void inside, where is the beginning, where is the end? YOU are infinity itself and you don’t know it!!! 😊

  28. Your inspiration is helping me so much and I am grateful to such good advice to open myself more to understanding myself. I visit to the Heavenly Father shall we say inspired by your words is now a daily practice the removal of everything except the expanding energy or consciousness has brought me so much more contentment. To just exist and now when I feel unsettled it is my place of peace.

  29. From beginning to end you are correct. Your writings continue to inspire me. Thank you for them. Are the gurus still here?

  30. Absolutely true Rajinder. None of us can grasp even the creation; this Immensity; how can we grasp that which has no beginning and no end. So I just live this day and let go …
    thank you so much for reading the post

  31. So far so good. Am not philosophy type. Have not studied it informally even. But there is a concept in Gurbani that initially there was nothing in this word not even sound or God. And then it starts. Not easy to imagine. May be I am not up to the mark. Jai Ho.

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