Waiting with Longing ..

Weeks have gone by

And I still await

To hear

The sound

Of the rain fall,

The rustling of the leaves

And our rain dance.

Mother Earth is waiting too

With a longing more than mine;

But you divine lover

Are still playing

Hide and seek,

And enticing me

With the beauty of the sky;

And the rays of the


Monsoon clouds …

All pics taken today on my iPhone πŸ’•

103 thoughts on “Waiting with Longing ..

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  1. Thank you so much Girija. Appreciate this.
    Am a little tied up just now with Guru Purnima and some personal work and may take a little time to respond.
    Have a joyous day

  2. I had clicked on the Follow button earlier too and then saw many options of notifications etc and FB etc and gave up ! Have done it now

  3. You have to write a book of you’re own ❀❀it’s going to be a bestseller

  4. All the best for your move to AZ Ian. Yes, we are a blessed country in this. And we have fresh and different fruits and Veges in each season.

  5. Six season, eh?? LOL!! I live in The Sacramento area of California near a delta. We have four seasons. I grew up in the semiarid desert of Southern California where there were, essentially, only two seasons. There, Fall and Spring were short and subtle…but when you grow up in it, they are known by smells and the feel of air. We want to move to Prescott AZ next year. It also has four season and a little snow which should be fun.

    Six Seasons! What fun for the senses to dabble in…and take gorgeous pictures of!

  6. Thank you so much Ian. In India we are lucky to have six seasons. After the rains we shall have autumn. And this autumn I intend visiting Canada and the US to watch the fall colours β€οΈπŸ™

  7. Good to hear from you Priya. In Pune monsoon arrived and then vanished 😌
    But yes the sky is beautiful πŸ’•
    Hope your studies are going strong 😊

  8. Monsoon has arrived, finally!🀩
    The smell of the moist soil just soothes the surroundings so much! And of course, the sky shows its different faces too now as depicted by the beautiful pictures you’ve captured.
    Hope you’re having a blissful day sir!😊

  9. very beautiful, I dont know what happened today but it s like every post of friends either on facebook or here or on other social media is somehow all about sky and cloud …

  10. The play of light through the clouds is wonderful to photograph! These are stunning, Ashok!!! Autumn is my favorite time of year as well…then winter next, then summer then spring. In that order! LOL. Thanks for sharing that beautiful poem and the images that match

  11. I give you credit for the photos!

    I thank our Creator for the display!

    Your sun sets as our sun rises. I pray you get the liquid sunshine (in the form of rain) you need soon! We have abundant rain in Panama!

    Nature’s resources are abundant, but I confess, sometimes I think water is like money – both are abundant, but both are distributed unevenly!

    Wait well!

  12. Sir..its a dry spell here in the Far East and so i guess it’ll be a long wait..but let’s see what the Lord does..πŸ™πŸ˜Š

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