Every now and then ….

You will have good days

You will have bad days

It’s an awful day

I am overwhelmed days

I am so tired days

I love you days

I hate myself days

Ugly days

Am fed up days

I can’t go on days

Still you show up


Knowing deep within you

That this too shall pass ….

99 thoughts on “Every now and then ….

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  1. Ashok, so eloquently shared. Yes life has its ups and downs, its peaks and its valleys, its crescendos and diminuendos….. And yet, that is exactly what makes life so BEAUTIFUL. 🙂

  2. This is beautiful!!👌👌❣️
    Ups and downs makes the life even more interesting!! The struggles and problems polishes us!!
    Good days gives us Happiness and bad days gives us experience!!

  3. yes of course, life is not always fun and laughs, and all shall pass this is so true and we should enjoy the good and learn from the bad 🙂 Have a great day 😊

  4. I can understand that 😊 I was like that too !!
    But the more I posted better I became at that. Yes, blogging tajes more time than I bargained for 😊
    All the best

  5. Yes actually I try to as much to support my fellow friends by commenting n showing love. But the posting thing is I’m trying to get as much feedback on my first two post so I can improve going forward. I appreciate all the love I have gotten so far🥰❤️ and I’m just a bit afraid of posting something my followers may not like 😦 but I’m trying. I’m out of town currently so definitely exploring and thinking!😊

  6. Yes you’re absolutely right Ashokji. When bad days pass away we know someone has prayed for our well-being. Each day is a new learning.

  7. You’re very welcome. Thank you as always for your writings they are great to read and the meanings derived from them are necessary and needed. For me at least.

  8. You sir, are pretty incredible. Thank you for always making me think positively, even when I don’t want to.

  9. It is strange that when I try to open your blog the message i get is that this site has been deleted. This has happened with a few others too 🤔

  10. Yes troubles do come but these are temporary & pass on. All days are not same.

  11. Wow! Lovely post. I wrote a poem with the same title, it’s amazing to read yours, as yours is so different but the message is the same. God is good! Thank you for sharing.

  12. Yes Ashokji, no two days are the same. Ups and downs make life interesting and meaningful. But yeah on those hard painful days, we do wish that things were different or easier. But like you said they too shall pass.🙂

  13. God sure has been working in mysterious ways lately…like in a perfect statement that hits all the places one needs to remember. Thanks Ashok! Wonderful!

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