I need your Blessings

My dear friends – I need your understanding, forgiveness and blessings.

For the next 5-6 weeks I shall be tied up with some organisational work and writing my first ever book. Though I will remain active I may not have the bandwidth to read all the posts and acknowledge all the comments etc. But am sure you know that I love you and that I honour and respect your friendship.

I shall make up for all/any non communication from end of August πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—

But if there is any good or happy news to share; or you need my prayers for any challenges- do let me know. I will appreciate this.

All the very best. Happy blogging.

Love and Light πŸ’•


73 thoughts on “I need your Blessings

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  1. Best wishes Ashok! I just returned from my travels so I have been out of touch, but enjoy your time writing. I have a short story that requires some editing . . . perhaps it will be finished soon.

  2. All d very best Uncle.. may God n Gurus guide u and b wid u always in ur noble work…i shall miss ur posts n pics….eagerly waiting for ur book…πŸ‘

  3. No worries! Ignore my last comment from my last blog I just sent you! I read this and I see you’re super busy! Keep us posted on your book! Wishing you all the best! Take good care! ~K

  4. Thank you so much Lillian πŸŒΉπŸ€— when I have friends like you there is nothing to worry πŸ€—πŸŒΉ

  5. I wish you much love and luck my friend.
    I understand and is no need to ask for blessings.
    I hope you will have a great time, but promise me one thing- take care🌹

  6. Wow, Uncle that’s wonderful to hear. All my prayers for you. So look forward to your book. May god give you more & more so that you spread & share more & more with us πŸ™‚


    β™‘ I Don’t Like People Very Much EveryOne; they ARE Fake, False, Fraudulent rather than GAH!!! (Genuine Authentic Honest with The Exclamation Marks Representing The Frustration of FFF (Fake False Fraudulent))…so I Tolerate The Fakeries while Keeping My Distance from Them so as NOT TO BE INFECTED!!! with Their Falsehoods; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Being Awake, Aware and Alert means Having Far Fewer Friends πŸ€“πŸ™„πŸ€—


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