of Hope and Faith

It was a dark night

It was a dark dark night

There wasn’t there even

A flicker of light.

It was such a sad night

Even my soul did cry

There was sadness

There was gloom

I paced around the room

I lied down too

And I tossed

And I turned

Still there was no peace

And there was no light

It was such a dark night.

A night in which even my

Soul started to cry

But it was a cry

Of compassion

A cry sad but kind

Because it could see

The suffering of my mind.

And then the night

Turned cold

And I shivered

And I cried

I was so lost

In that dark

Night so cold.

And when it all looked lost

I heard a voice

It was a voice

So soft

It was filled

With compassion

And love divine …

I am always there with you

I have never left your side.

I have made you in My image

And it is My light

That is reflected

In your soul my child.

It may be burn dim

Or it may burn bright

It is never extinguished

For It Is Life”

All my struggle ceased

I felt such peace

A peace that

Was divine.

And I opened my eyes

I saw the morning star

A new day had dawned

Bringing with it

Renewed Hope

Courage and Faith

And I was draped

In Love Divine

Pics with with my iPhone 8 Plus

72 thoughts on “of Hope and Faith

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  1. Am in your part of the world. Had great time with friends and fall colours in Montreal and Vermont. Am now in hot NY ( no fall as yet😜) and am going to go to Washington DC and onwards to Toronto

  2. Beautiful Post… Come Check Out My Website, Blog, Positivity Feed, Self-Help, Motivation, Inspiration, Free Online Group & Low Cost & Free Life Coaching & Motivational Services. They Are All Built To Help You Reach Your Daily Goals, Dreams & Aspirastions. πŸ˜ŽπŸ’–

  3. Oh I am so glad Jyot. I know you are a very smart and loving young lady. And God is so kind : he knows whom He lets know πŸ’•πŸ™

  4. Beautifully written Ashokji. I remember asking you what Faith is, I think i am starting to get itπŸ™‚.

  5. A couple of nights ago, I saw that same red glow in the sky through the trees as in your last two pictures, and I walked around my house taking pictures of it with my iPhone. A psychic connection?

  6. Super super sweet…sweet as in how The Divine will, indeed, cast a light so we can make our way out of the dark dark night of the soul. Sometimes we do live in two worlds as night and day may distinguish.

    Good one! Love the art and prose of this article.

  7. Beautiful! This is soo deep and well written! Eagerly waiting for your book! You’re amazing uncle ❀

  8. Ohhh ho ho ho…sooooo soulful…. perfectly reflecting my experience too…May God n Gurus meet us through ur pen always like this UncleπŸ™

  9. I can never win with you in words Saba πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ We may burn dim or we may burn bright; we are still His light … naught exists but for His grace …

  10. Am so glad to hear this Radhika. For me that is the only meaning of life. To be able to spread some happiness.

  11. You are a true poet dear Ashok. Enjoy reading your soulful words. And the pictures are beautiful

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