We can’t turn back

The clocks

But we can always

Rewind the same

With enthusiasm

With curiosity

With hope

With love

With joy.

However much

We may rewind

Time is always


The painting was done by wife, Anita, ages back and she had called it : Hope – (Do read the post : Time heals nothing ….)

And I hope that one day we shall be together again :

In some dimension,

At some time

At some place.

And not that

We aren’t together

Even now

In Oneness

Of Love

In Oneness

Of Spirit.

76 thoughts on “HOPE and WAIT

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  1. Ohhhh Anita. Her LOVE AND HOPE live on ….. and love on ….. forever in your life. PURE POWERFUL TIMELESS BOUNDLESS LOVE!!! ❤️💕🌷❤️❤️🌷❤️💕🌷❤️💕🌷❤️

  2. Ohhh my heart is sighing and the same time Ashok. Your deep love for your wife warms my heart. ❤️

  3. I am and I know that is where your writings originate. I feel that is why they affect me the way they do.

  4. My pleasure sir!!
    Good!! From 31st we have our test…
    Lot on my head…
    How are you doing sir??

  5. For me it is you Saba💕 But I know you are so smart that you may come out with anything 😊 you like to pull my leg – Taang Khichna; and I like it when you do that 😊🤗

  6. I would like to know more about you KJ. Your work, life whatever. If you don’t mind sharing you can write to @ ashokwahi@usa.net
    I can feel that you are appreciating from your heart and that is what I appreciate 👏

  7. I write what is true to me. Your writings have an impact on me which I greatly appreciate. And the best way to express my appreciation is to express it. So if I don’t say it enough Thank you for them and I always look forward to more.

  8. She was an amateur but as good as a professional Aahana. To know her more do read : Time Heals nothing.
    Maybe I will share some other paintings of her with you.
    Do you also paint ?

  9. The painting is awesome 👌 and loved the subtle color used. Poem of truth in hope and wait and time that stands for no one and nobody leaves us we r all meeting each other here or there. All r one. Lovely post, Ashok 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  10. I really admire the sensual approach to everything you think about optimism. Tells something about the ride you’ve been through so far. Enlightening!💙🙂

  11. Thank you so much Saba. Would love to see your paintings one day. And yes, we shall be together in some other dimension eternally. But I hope and pray that we shall also be together one day in this dimension 🤗🙏
    This too is His glory ..

  12. Beautiful painting!!
    Yes, we will be together in the world where time has no limits, where we needn’t worry for the darkness of night, and where everything is eternal…. we meet and live forever with praising HIS glory…..


    ◇ Diamond Hard

    ♡ 1. No Reliance on AnyOne Else; that’s an UnFair Burden to Place on AnyOne
    ♡ 2. Total Self Reliance; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Gaia Takes Care of The Rest
    ♡ 3. Support and Love YourSelf; the Perceived Negligent Others WILL!!! Follow



    ◇ One of the most Shameful Stigmas is that Aimed at Folk with MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues) that Manifest in Many Ways; so Shame on You who take a Decision to Refuse to Understand that MMHI is as Real An Ailment as Any Physical or Physiological Sickness…and a Big Shout Out to ALL of You Who Do Understand and Support ALL of Us who Experience Psychological Sickness; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that I AM Proud of You ALL yet Ashamed of Those that are Stigmatising Us



    ◇ Diamond Hard

    I accept your point of view
    Yet I disagree with you
    Agree-To-Disagree is true


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