Afraid to die…

They are afraid to die

Because they never

Really lived.

And one day

They will be buried

Under the debris

Of their very own selves.

They would be gone



As if

They never came.

Who are these people

But the ignorant ones,

Of their own beauty

And their light.

Oh unhappy fate

That makes them love

Their ways dark.

Guide me my Lord

How to help them,

I know not what to do

In this — Your play divine!

Pic credit Stefen Stassov

83 thoughts on “Afraid to die…

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  1. Thank you so much my friend. True : we rarely question ourselves! Why is more important than What!! You may like to read my post : Why Why Why !
    Have a great day

  2. Ashok, this is so true! Figuring out how to live and knowing what to live for is a conundrum. I was recently asked, “Why do you run?” And I thought about the question. I could have responded, “To stay healthy,” but then I thought a bit more, “Why do anything?” That is the question we should be asking. Some people become Nihilists and others believe in everything. Why is that? I have no idea. Great post Ashok!!!

  3. Great poem Ashok,
    I know that the days in which I’ve felt the fear of death most strongly were the days in which I was becoming stagnant. So I can vouch for the truth in these lines. Fear of death often means we need to put a stronger focus on how we’re living. We need more excitement in our lives. We need change. We need something else to alter our perspectives.
    Awesome post. πŸ™‚

  4. Beautifully True. How sad it is that we so often turn to outside sources as a measure of self worth, when truly, it was always within the sanctity of Self we are each afforded. Thank you for this reminder.

  5. Thank you so much Jessica. I too am not religious in the normal way religion is used. My religion is : Compassion and Kindness.
    And if you felt connected to this poem you are that too πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

  6. Wow. What profound poetry you’ve written! I believe your love & life are helping many people see the beauty within. God bless you for being who you are and for loving people the way you do. I pray many blessings upon your life and all those you love and encounter.

  7. You are an exceptional human being my friend. Living is tougher yet we are afraid to die ; that is most of us 😊
    Paramahansa Yogananda says Life is chiefly service. I believe in it. We should do the best we can and let go. It is tough when we see them suffering and they aren’t ready to accept the help or aren’t receptive to change.
    If we are surrendered to His grace nothing is lacking πŸ™
    Have a joyous day

  8. Sometimes it’s hard to know how to help people but we must try I believe. I like the opening line “They are afraid to die,” I guess most people are if they are honest. I have died once and come close lots of times (I’m still here by the Grace of God), it’s not dying I’m afraid of but living.

  9. So beautiful and so deep πŸ‘Œ we must enjoy each second otherwise it’s not worthy! And when we so we will not be afraid of death
    Great poem 😊

  10. Of course yes Kevin. But I keep sharing my thoughts and learnings regularly. Thank you so much for understanding my pain and I do understand yours too.

  11. Boss – i wud say that each comes with their own character and destiny – at the time of birth, it is ALL written – some will be great, some mediocre and some unseen and unheard – its all directed by the Ultimate Director so whether people have lived or not; its ALL by His command! πŸ™πŸŒ»

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