Life is: Like A Hand of Playing Cards ♦️ ♥️

Life is surely like a Hand of Playing Cards. We have no control over what is dealt to us; but our lives depend on how we play the hand.

All of life is about joy and suffering. Pain and pleasure walk hand in hand.

They are two sides of the same coin.

Inseparable twins.

Off spring of duality.

Composed of light and shadow.

 In my post: You are Responsible 💯 Percent I had said, It is you who are responsible for everything happening anywhere in the world. Yes. you are responsible for what president Trump and PM Modi said and did, you are responsible for the earthquake and the hurricanes and the floods, and the riots and the bombings … you are responsible for everything!! You are responsible for the job that you lost, you responsible for the lover who cheated you. You are responsible for your mother’s sickness and your father’s death. You are also responsible for the love and the beauty and the joy everywhere in the world. You are responsible for the sunrise and the sunset, for the clouds and the breeze.

All this because Responsibility is The Ability to Respond

It is not the events of our life that determine the outcome.

It is how we live through them.

It is how was respond to all those external stimuli, which are not and never were in our control.






This concept of – I am Responsible, can also be explained by a Hand of Playing Cards. We have no control over what is dealt to us. But it is in our hand how to play, with the hand that is dealt to us! It is true in all games of cards but most so in bridge! If you know this game you would know that you could win even with the worst of hands! The outcome depends on your bidding and how you play!

And even in the games, which are not so clearly dependent on how you play, but more on what is dealt to you; your winning, ultimately depends on how you play! Because over a period of time (when enough games have been played) everyone gets some good hands and some bad hands! And of course, at another level, one could say: Life is never about winning or losing; it is about how you play it, how you live! How you respond!

When we got married Anita, my dear and beautiful wife, didn’t know the ABC of cards! I taught her how to play cards as I was very fond of cards and used to play bridge and rummy regularly in our club! She was a good learner and she became good at rummy in no time! Sometimes just the two of us would play and at times a neighbor, who was a good friend, would join too! Anita used to love it!

But that wasn’t the story about bridge! After a game I would analyze it and explain where we went wrong or what could have been done better and she didn’t like it! She told me that she is not going to play bridge because I start fighting in the end 😊 I tried to explain that analyzing the game was a standard thing but couldn’t succeed 😂 Eventually she won! I stopped playing bridge! Another game that I loved but stopped playing after our marriage was billiards!

The thing is: I loved her much more than I loved a game of bridge or billiards!

In my post: Time Heals Nothing I have talked so much about how talented and beautiful and loving she was; let me share another thing she wasn’t good at, when we got married! It was cooking!

In India it used to be so important for a girl to know cooking (even now it so in most cases). But Anita had spent all her time in pursuing fine arts and music that she had no time to learn cooking! And we had got married immediately after she had done her masters in music!

The very first time she made a cup of tea for me, it turned out to be half a cup! And ever so sweetly she said that she had kept one full cup for boiling! But like everything else in her life, eventually she became a great cook too! She could do Indian, Continental, Chinese; you name it!

What happened to me was not in my control, but how I responded was! And that decided the quality of my life!

The hand that is dealt to us in life is not in our control, but how we play; how we live our life is very much in our hands!!

Dealing with people, especially close relations and friends, is always very hard and it is the hardest with our spouses! They often misunderstand us. Or we think that they don’t understand us! And it hurts us the most when people whom we love the most, they misunderstand us. Rather than letting our hearts become bitter with all this, if we try and give them our understanding and peace, our life would become more enriched. Love is a one-way street!! We don’t have to wait for others understanding! We need to understand them!

May God give you wisdom to play well the hand which is dealt to you my friend. Enjoy this Life, which is nothing more than a Hand of Playing Cards ♥️ 😂

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35 thoughts on “Life is: Like A Hand of Playing Cards ♦️ ♥️

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  1. Its amazing how we share the same views about life being a game of cards♣️

    Sir you make us believe in the power of true love💕

  2. I really like your blog. A pleasure to come stroll on your pages. A great discovery and very interesting blog. I’ll come back . Do not hesitate to visit my universe. A soon

  3. So nice to hear what a wonderful life you had with your wife, Ashok and you both took care of each other. Lovely and positive read. Everything starts with us and ends with us there is no one but us. We are the Universe. Thanks for the lovely share.

  4. Yes indeed!

    In point of fact, life may be just a shaky expectation, inasmuch as everyone realizes that the cards have often been shuffled, well in advance.
    Erik Pevernagie

  5. So very true and beautiful..if we just pause and reflect, everything is just entertainment – the good hand, the bad hand, the emotions, the feelings, the love, the hate..ALL just to be enjoyed the RIGHT spirit!! 🙏🌹

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