Life is a Hurdle Race

And yet another way to interpret life is to look at it like a hurdle race.

Life simply is! It is neither easy nor hard. It simply is about learning and growing. Life keeps throwing challenges at us. It keeps creating hurdles in our lives by ways of health challenges, by way of obnoxious people, by unhealthy relationships, by ups and downs through cyclicity of life and so on. And till we learn the spiritual lesson of that situation or from that hurdle; it will keep repeating itself. Those situations and challenges would keep coming in our life again and again till we learn the lesson. We could say: Life is a school, and we are all students! Till we pass the exam we have to repeat that class again and again!

And after going through some challenging times when we finally learn the lesson we feel so good, so fulfilled, so uplifted! And the moment we relax life quietly keeps another hurdle in our way. And like any hurdle race it would be bigger and tougher! It has to be because the earlier hurdles have made us stronger and better!

Yes we don’t have to keep running all the time. We can rest for a while and enjoy the glory of overcoming the hurdle, of learning the lesson but we need to get up and get going again, if we want to pass the next exam and go for higher degrees! 

Is it a must that we go for higher degrees? Do all of us need to be PhDs? Do all of have to be Doctors, Engineers and Lawyers? No, not at all. My life, my choice! As we saw in Life is a Cocktail, it is our karmas which decide the story of our life. And our mass karma decides our collective story. If all of us were in the same class and doing the same subject would life be any fun? Would this reality show attract any audience? 

When I look at my grand daughter already burdened with so many subjects to learn and she is just in grade VI 😊 and then I look at some friends and relations so worried about their children’s high school; and some others worried about their professional courses and so on! And children themselves looking forward to finishing their studies and starting to earn and thinking life would be so cool after that! But they don’t know that it gets worse, in a way, with every passing day! Mortgages start and relationship problems start to surface and then the journey with their own children starts! Our studies, our hurdles, our challenges keep getting bigger and tougher with each passing year!

Thank God that I am through all that! And I pray that He gives me strength and wisdom to face the next hurdle, which life is bound to throw at me!

Life is not easy. It never was and never would be. We can make it drudgery, a chore. Or we can make it fun and a sport. 


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Copyright Β© Ashok Wahi 2019

42 thoughts on “Life is a Hurdle Race

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  1. Thank you again for another beautiful post. I find it amazing and funny. I smile as I read your posts at how true they are and each seem to come at a time that I need them. Thank you for your ever present reminders that I will continually need.

  2. Thank you so much Ian for this beautiful and insightful comment. Yes, the nearer we are to the center more peaceful we are. Did you read my post : Life is a Tug of War?
    Hope all is well with you my friend πŸ™

  3. Hey Ashok,

    Topsy-Turvy is the human spirit driving our lives. It seems so strange that it is so, and it is so. It always has been. What is up is also down, and the down sides turn up…eventually and even as we turn ourselves upside down getting all sides to cooperate.

    It goes like this in the human life.

    There is one place from where the laws that govern human life are best viewed (And lived I should wonder).

    From the center.

    You always make it easy to see that place, and you always point the way, so we can make our way there. You do this with such clear bright light.

    From there, we see what it’s really all about. And thus, the nauseam abates. All it takes is for someone to say, not so much how we ought to look (as viewed) for the better sight, but rather “See from this still center place. See it all from here…how life moves. It’s just like that (and now you are still). Feel better?”

    Yes. Absolutely…this is much much better.

    I’m grateful for the the post.


  4. Very nice thoughts, Ashok and as you rightly said we all have to go thru the grind and life is not easy at all. Every moment there are challenges to be met and we need to know how to meet them. I know today we have given too much emphasis on studies and on material things. Our days children were not stressed and no targets had to be met. Who knows where we all are going as humans.

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