Falling Leaves 🍁

Winter is yet to say bye

Spring isn’t saying hi

But leaves are falling all around

Is it autumn’s hi?

If trees start to worry

About the fallen leaves

How shall

Fresh blossoms bloom?

Falling leaves are His blessing

Sunshine warms the heart

Beauty in His own handwriting

Heavenly and sublime

Life is beautiful and divine

Fallen leaves or

Blossoms fresh

Adding different hues to its charm

Pics on my iPhone

Copyright © Ashok Wahi

31 thoughts on “Falling Leaves 🍁

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  1. I am so sorry for your loss. That was a beautiful post – brought tears to my eyes.

    What a beautiful woman. What beautiful memories you have.

    I am learning how to move forward myself after quite a few losses of people I love. My heart still bleeds – so I was very touched by that post. That was beautiful

    May peace be with you, and also with your loving wife. Thank you for letting me read that.

  2. Absolutely – just let me know what kind of thing you like and what you and wife would like to see and I can tell you where to go

    Yay! How exciting!!! Lake Tahoe is amazing as I am sure she has told you!

  3. All the best for the exams Nitin and thank you so much.
    When I was a student I used to feel so miserable not to be able to enjoy the spring due to exams in March 😊

  4. That is so sweet of you Omatra to share all these details. My wife had great time at Lake Tahoe but I couldn’t go. I would be planning my trip in March – April and shall surely take your help.
    Thank you so much once again 🤗

  5. No worries! I’m sure you will enjoy your visit!

    If you ever just take a sight seeing trip… I can give you plenty ideas of places that are amazing and not overly typical.

    I have been to LA a couple times… for Disney with kids and then sight seeing in Hollywood – went to Huntington Beach a few years ago and it’s beautiful and everyone is so laid back there – I didn’t wanna leave lol

    The one thing I don’t like about that particular area is the traffic. It’s insane!! And I’m not overly fond of those HUGE concrete highway overpasses … I always think “please no earthquakes” lol … but I think that when I’m in San Francisco too lol

    I have been to San Francisco ALOT, as it’s right here … when friends or family visit – they all wanna go to San Francisco lol … I prefer Lake Tahoe – I just like the beauty of the mountains … in Lake Tahoe you can realize how incredibly small you are to the planet – that sounds weird but it’s completely breathtaking!! Takes my breath away every time!! I don’t do casinos or that sort of thing there … I like nature – nature is peace so I like that sort of thing.

    When my brother comes to visit… I will take him and his family to San Fran and then Lake Tahoe – but I do the nature Lake Tahoe – not the casinos… and he’s always like – we came from snow – we don’t wanna see snow! Lol … so I don’t take them there anymore 😄

    Anyway – enjoy California! All of it can be breathtaking! And like I said – I have visited and know many sites … so if ever want info on what to see – just let me know.

    One last thing sorry… one of my most favorite places is a ghost town way up in the mountains… Bodie, CA


    Is just beautiful… and you just are in awe! Well for me anyway lol … it has history (I love history) … it’s history was once really crazy – it was a lawless old west town… and now what’s left sits in peace – any remaining buildings were left as is, and are in a state of arrested decay – meaning they can not deteriorate any further

    And supposably there is a curse – lol … old wise tale… that you are not allowed to take so much as a pebble – or you will be haunted and have bad luck until it’s returned … needless to say – I make sure no pebbles are stuck to the bottom of my shoes lol – no way am I chancing that! I’ve been to visit that about 3 times – and every time I visit – I just feel this incredible peace? Not sure really why? But I love that place – it fascinates me

    Ok I have to run – I have to go and I am too chatty at this moment 🤨😄✌️ have a great day!

  6. Yes California IS huge 😇 This trip to California is more spiritual- We have our SRF HQ in LA and it is our annual convocation. But I would like to see some other sites around too.
    I have been to LA a few times in recent years but to S’Frisco only once and long long back – 1983
    God willing shall meet you

  7. Yes the California weather has spoiled me compared to Massachusetts lol… and if I want snow – I can drive to it… if I want a beach – I can drive to it … California is really nice for that. A lot to offer. (Expensive here though)

    If you are visiting close to my area and would like to meet and maybe have lunch, just let me know. (I am Northern California) San Fran/Lake Tahoe etc all within driving distance

    Otherwise I’m sure you will have a beautiful amazing trip!! California is HUGE with so many incredible things to see!!

  8. Beautiful pictures and poem, Ashok. Here the leaves fell in autumn. Winter and
    spring are both doing their best in February but some plants and buds are out. 😊.


  9. Thank you so much my friend. California is beautiful and I would be there again in July August. MA was great in Fall but I too won’t venture there in winter 😊

  10. Very beautiful words and photos!! … is different from here in California … we lost our leaves in fall before winter came … now we are entering spring and the trees are just beginning to bloom… then comes my most favorite season of all summer ❤️ My family originally from Massachusetts so – I am not a big fan of winter lol ✌️ is all very beautiful and poetic though!!

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