We know so little

It is so easy to find fault

It is so difficult to do!

It is easy to see what is wrong

It is difficult to do what is right!

When we say how stupid

It is we who lack wisdom!

To see beyond the seeming

And perceive the Truth!

Alas! We know so little

And we judge too quickly ☺️

Copyright Β© Ashok Wahi 2020

26 thoughts on “We know so little

Add yours

  1. It’s very easy to judge, we do it without thinking – but if we turn it around and ask ‘why’ rather than conclude, it makes this habit easier to avoid – it’s hard to judge anything when you’re busy questioning it and trying to understand it – everything is left open…. 😊🌼

  2. Believing that we have the gift of truth and perfection is the biggest mistake of intolerance. Very good your poem and the photos are great.

  3. Well written Ashok. We all can be wrong or right, good or bad – no one is completely bad and no one is completely good. If we chould always have this in mind, we’ll begin to change our mindset.

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