Virus O’ Virus

Virus O’ Virus

O Corona Virus

You are so tiny!

And you are a pigmy

Compared to the likes

Of Ebolas of the past!!

And yet you

Have become

The most talked about

And scariest virus of all!

Oh how powerful

You must be feeling

Hearing how invincible

You are!

I hope you are grateful

To the media

For glorifying and magnifying

The few microns that you are!!

Take my advice

Gracefully bow to the

Publicity wide and far!

And quickly withdraw;

Just like your arrival

So sudden and so fast!!

Copyright © Ashok Wahi

Pic of the isolated virus from a Whatsapp forward

37 thoughts on “Virus O’ Virus

Add yours

  1. My dear Covid 19🤗
    You could also have been sweet sixteen 😍
    You just be what you are
    Sweet and colourful in your heart 💔
    What would you gain
    Getting entangled
    In the games people play
    Wide and far?
    In the end isn’t it the ego game
    That both of us can’t help but play ?
    We shall shake hands
    Once the curtain is drawn
    And wait for the next
    Play and next role to start
    You are love
    And I am love
    Love is all there is in the end 💖💕💖

  2. Hi! Dear,
    I am not asking for all this panic wrapped publicity
    Neither am intimidating any of you
    Am just a minor virus
    As many others were
    It’s just a dirty game
    Using my name creating fear
    And diverting attention from filthy issues causing you die
    I shall go as I’ve come
    But it’s unfair to blame me for your fear.

  3. Liked the end part most asking the virus to quickly withdraw the way it arrived suddenly n fast..👍

  4. Thank you so much Lynette 😂🤗 Everyone around has been so gloomy and it was my way coming out of this atmosphere 😊

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