Black lives matter

Black lives matter. And so do brown and yellow and yes, even white.

Every life matters – Of every cast, colour, culture and creed.

Muslim lives matter, Christian lives matter, and yes, even Hindu lives matter.

Lives of the poor matter as much as those of the rich.

Life of every animal, bird and insect matters.


But sadly there is discrimination all over the world and it has always been there. Only degree varies. And unfortunately we always find justification for our misdeeds.

The root cause of all this is: that have lost contact with our our own selves. We have lost sight of the inherent beauty of our souls. We have lost sight of our true nature. Going to the church, temple, synagogue or mosque every week is not the answer.

There is only one way out if we want to address this malady, and that is:

By raising our consciousness! To know that we are all ONE. Same consciousness connects us all and running through and sustaining us all.

We forget that when we hurt another, we are essentially hurting ourselves; for there is no separation!

We are all ONE CONSCIOUSNESS and we can raise it:

By becoming kinder,

By becoming more compassionate,


58 thoughts on “Black lives matter

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  1. If we keep silent Lydia we become their partner in crime, so to say. We need to keep praying for wisdom for all πŸ™
    Thank you so much

  2. Such true words as always. I sincerely appreciate them and will certainly share them as I have many things you have written.

  3. Love this line….to know that we are ONE πŸ§‘πŸ™πŸΌ
    Like a panda, he is asian, black and white 🐼🐼🐼

  4. You are right and so many agree with you.
    We are One. We live on a little planet, we are human beings.
    Any faith that condones cruelty is false.
    Otherwise let everyone choose their way to connect with what feels right.


  5. Thank you so much Kamal for putting it all together so beautifully. Let us hope and pray that we keep learning and growing. Selfishness and greed are destroying us and we see it not 😌

  6. All Life Matters and the strange or oddest thing which people do not realise is the soul has no colour it is energy. I agree religion does not change anything love and compassion does it alters who we are. Every time I leave the home I pray to receive kindness from others. I am by nature kind so it is easy for me to reciprocate.

  7. True words of Divine Reality and there is nothing but ONENESS. God has come every age in his different Avatars to tell us all this only, Ashok but man fails to heed to his words. Unless and until we rule out selfishness and clothe ourselves in selfless service, love and kindness man will be the same man, fighting and fighting God alone knows who and destroying our beautiful environment. You have rightly said so beautifully and I completely agree with you. There is only ONENESS in the MANYNESS.

  8. Yes we are all like multicoloured lamps with the same “electricity” flowing through us.

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